Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring has sprung (a list of things)

No matter what the temperature reads or what the weather man says regarding how cold it still may be, spring has officially sprung! March 20th marks the glorious emergence of the green goodness that we wait for every winter, and especially this one. I for one know that I am quite ready for some sunshine and gardening. There are a few great things that I look forward to every spring, so I thought I'd actually list them out for a change.

Good ole Georgia, alive with Spring.

Spring is exciting because:

1. The earth becomes green and full of life again, and I always whisper to myself at some point "Aslan is on the move."

2. I get to think about (and begin) gardening again. You can see my obsession with gardening here.

3. We celebrate my favorite holiday, Passover.

4. we also celebrate my birthday (on March 23rd...this Sunday!!)

5. The cherry blossoms bloom here in Georgia and they are just beautiful. We even have a festival dedicated to the event.

6. We get to ditch our winter coats (at some point) in exchange for light sweaters and, dare I say it, short sleeves!

7. SPRING BREAK! for those of us who are students or teachers. I know my dear friend Julie can relate!

I hope everyone has a happy beginning of spring and a happy weekend!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sub Adventures #2

As I travel the road of substitute teaching, I have quickly (and painfully) discovered what age groups I do and don't like to sub for. I love elementary school kids outside the classroom, but inside it they are like wild monkey children let loose for pure destruction. Not always, though. There are always the really sweet ones that capture your heart, like this little girl who decided to draw me a picture.

As you can see, the sweet little girl expertly crafted my hair and baby bump, as well as awarded me first life I suppose, and wished me happiness and luck. Seriously,knit made me day because the rest of it was HORRIBLE. After only an hour of me being there,  three boys got into a fight, one of which had a punched nose. Another boy ripped a hole in a kid's shirt and was sent to the office. Also, the most ADHD kid I've ever met was firing in all cylinders because he "forgot" his medication. There was also this other boy who looked tame with a very serious face and kept stroking my arms. I still don't really know what to make of that.

Again I say, I don't like subbing for elementary school.

I consoled myself from this crazy day with a butterfingers blizzard and jammed out to Stevie Nicks. And yes, it helped.

Despite the unpleasantness, I still had good moments and the kids called me Mrs. M because they couldn't pronounce my last name. I felt like Jack Black in School of Rock and it was glorious.

More adventures to come!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday

Today is the day we rejoice, because the work week is over and we have some relaxing days ahead! This tired face above is looking a little brighter now because sleeping in is quickly approaching.

The weather is trying to get warmer (try harder) so it's not brutally cold as we've all been used to. The sun is coming out and boy are we happy to see it! *cue "Here Comes the Sun"*

This week was a good one. I was able to work everyday, which isn't always a thing and I'm thankful for that.  Also Purim begins today which is a super fun holiday. It's all about the story of Queen Esther, which you can read in the book of Esther (in the bible). We basically party like it's 1999 to celebrate how God saved the Jewish people from destruction through Esther's obedience. Fun times! So this weekend will be filled with sweets and laughs and we will start it off with Shabbat tonight,  as always. I love Fridays!

What are you doing this weekend?


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sub Adventures: A Series

So as most of you know I am now a substitute teacher in all its glamour. I decided to embark upon this journey because my ultimate goal is to become a high school English teacher, but with baby Yosi due in July, I figured I'd better wait on the certification process. So, I became a sub to sort of get my feet wet and give myself a chance to love or hate it before I jump in the deep end. I honestly have loved doing it and man there are funny stories that go along with it! I usually sub for middle school and high school because as much as I love the little ones, I have already done that for about 6 years at a daycare...I'm good. It's nice because Toby teaches at a high school so I just get jobs there a lot...which is funny because the kids always ask about us.

My view from Toby's desk. Manolis subbing for Manolis. Hah!

If you follow me on Instagram (yes, it's a private account because believe it or not, there are some WEIRDOS out there) then you can see some of the updates with the hashtag #subadventures . After realizing that I was writing down all the funny things my students say, I figured I'd better do some blog posts about it. Here are some funny things I have heard lately:

"My feet smell like socks... 'cause you know, some feet don't smell like feet."

"big booty hole!" (yes...randomly this was shouted)

*after asking a middle schooler why he didn't finish his assignment*
"If I tried to do this now, it would take more time than we all have life."

*after the kids realize I am Mr. Manolis's wife*
"I hope yo kid is just like Mr. Manolis, cuz he CRAZY."

These are the jokes, guys. Gotta love it!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Shower in Dallas

Last weekend Toby and I took a quick trip to Dallas, TX to visit my family. Since you can't fly in the thir trimester, we figured now would be the best time to go and everybody was going to be in town, so it was perfect! They all pitched in and got us there and we were so happy and grateful to spend time with everyone.

 My cousin Tiffany has a sweet little nugget of a son named Maddox and I got to spend so much quality time with him (which was good) because Tiff was taking care of her poor hubby who got food poisoning (which was bad). However, all ended up being well (even though my other cousin's hubs got sick too).

In addition to hanging out with the fam, they decided to throw us a sweet baby shower as well! I got to see some of my loved and missed Texas friends and it did my soul good. Baby Yosi got TONS of wonderful gifts that were much needed. God is already providing for this little family in every way.

It was so much fun to prepare for and of course to have. I helped make the diaper cake with Tiff and watched them set up the adorable woodland-themed baby shower. I shall have a forest child, indeed. And guys seriously, these newborn diapers are so small and SO cute...I can't even.

It was a fabulous time and was hard to leave! I miss everybody but I am so thankful for all the love from them.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

More pregnant every day

Hello cyber friends,

That sounded so corny, but pregnancy makes you do strange things...and you get away with there.

Life around here has been peppered with lots of laughs, episodes of The Office and The Walking Dead, ramen noodles and Perrier water...and onesies! I never realized now cute onesies were until I received 5,000 of them, each cuter than the next. Baby Yosi is growing (along with my belly) every day and I couldn't be more excited! He kicks constantly and that always lets me know that he's doing A-ok.  This second trimester thing is so much more enjoyable and it really makes being pregnant a joy. This blog talks about it too, and I second her completely!

The only issue with being pregnant is that the discomfort (and unexpected bouts of exhaustion) often come at work. I'm a substitute teacher, which is definitely less taxing than a full time teacher's job, but it's usually about 7:25-3:25 and this mama gets tired. Usually right before and after lunch I am mentally and physically prepared to nap...and then I look at the angsty teenagers in front of me and remember I can't sleep. Annoying though it is, I love this growing little guy (and BOY is he growing). The pictures above were taken at 21 weeks and the bump has gotten bigger since then, now that I'm 23 weeks...which in real terms is almost 6 months! It's going fast and I love it!

Come on, baby Yosi!


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