Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sub Adventures: A Series

So as most of you know I am now a substitute teacher in all its glamour. I decided to embark upon this journey because my ultimate goal is to become a high school English teacher, but with baby Yosi due in July, I figured I'd better wait on the certification process. So, I became a sub to sort of get my feet wet and give myself a chance to love or hate it before I jump in the deep end. I honestly have loved doing it and man there are funny stories that go along with it! I usually sub for middle school and high school because as much as I love the little ones, I have already done that for about 6 years at a daycare...I'm good. It's nice because Toby teaches at a high school so I just get jobs there a lot...which is funny because the kids always ask about us.

My view from Toby's desk. Manolis subbing for Manolis. Hah!

If you follow me on Instagram (yes, it's a private account because believe it or not, there are some WEIRDOS out there) then you can see some of the updates with the hashtag #subadventures . After realizing that I was writing down all the funny things my students say, I figured I'd better do some blog posts about it. Here are some funny things I have heard lately:

"My feet smell like socks... 'cause you know, some feet don't smell like feet."

"big booty hole!" (yes...randomly this was shouted)

*after asking a middle schooler why he didn't finish his assignment*
"If I tried to do this now, it would take more time than we all have life."

*after the kids realize I am Mr. Manolis's wife*
"I hope yo kid is just like Mr. Manolis, cuz he CRAZY."

These are the jokes, guys. Gotta love it!



  1. LOL! what funny quotes! Kids are so funny, even though older kids, haha! I'm glad your enjoying your time subbing... that's cool! Good idea to test the waters before you jump in :)

    When are you due?

    1. I'm due July 2! It's so crazy because on one hand I still have forever to be huge and uncomfortable haha. But on the other hand,'s fast approaching!!


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