Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crossing The Delaware: Part II

*This post was written while in Delaware but I forgot to post it. More later!

Hello all,

First off, let me just say that this trip has been amazing and so refreshing! I have gotten to meet family from Toby's side and they are crazy and fabulous. I love them all so much! I will post about our time with them later, but now onto part II of our trip!

On Thursday we traversed from Middletown, DE to the great Washington D.C. for a day trip with Uncle Charlie and his son...who is also Charlie (but affectionately referred to as Bubba or Bub). We walked all over the city as the sun brutally melted our flesh...but boy, did we have a good time anyway! We went to the Capitol and took a tour which was so neat. There is just so much history there! Toby was like a little boy in a toy store, running around with his camera snapping shots and shooting videos and imagining Abraham Lincoln giving his presidential speech. It melted my heart a little.

We also went to The Museum of American History and The Museum of Natural History in the Smithsonian. That totally blew our minds. We could have stayed in each place for a week. We saw lots of cool things!

Forgive the photo overload, guys. I went picture crazy, and this isn't even all of them! I hope you enjoy them!


Abraham Lincoln's hat that he wore the night he was assassinated.
Dorothy's slippers from the movie!
Our nation's capitol...e pluribus unum.
One more.
Touring the capitol with the fam.
An actual part of the Berlin Wall inside the Smithsonian. Amazing.
The boys in front of "the castle" part of the smithsonian. Silly Toby.
Cool pic.
Museum of Natural History! NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM! lol
The Rotunda. The tour guide KEPT saying this word and I kinda wanted to punch her in the
face. We're in the rotunda. I get it.
Haha. So many emotions.
Sweet, history loving Toby taping and narrating to his heart's content.
More taping.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crossing the Delaware: Part I

Hello all,

Our first stop in our adventure was the Petersburg National Battlefield in Virginia. Toby is a U.S. History teacher so war sites are something that come with the territory. Neither of us had ever been to a Civil War battlesite, and as we were driving through Virginia we decided to give it a go.

It's crazy how places like that take on an attitude of their own...almost like the earth itself remembers the brutality that took place there. I know it may sound silly, but there really is a deeply sad feeling around these kinds of places. It's odd to see such a peaceful, serene landscape and know that it was once filled with the final pangs of death and sacrifice. It was a moment of pause by no mistake.

As a history teacher, Toby was an excellent tour guide as we traveled the grounds. The infamous "crater" is found here and that is what we were so eager to see. This failed union attack resulted in a brutal Confederate victory, even though the Union did eventually take Petersburg.

I'm doing these entries on the road so that the memory stays fresh...this also means that they may not be perfect entries because I am not on my home computer (often times it's via my iPod) so the pics may be a littla out of sequence, bla bla. I have said it before though, this blog is for preserving memories and for enjoyment and update purposes, so my heart will not be broken if I have a less than perfect post, I hope you understand :) Enjoy these pictures and see you on the next part of the trip!
See y'all soon,


Sad and beautiful tree next to the crater.

I love this shot.

The crater itself! STILL THERE!

The road to the crater. That's a fun trek in 90 degree weather.

More of the crater.

My hot husband standing in front of the "earthworks" built in part by the Confederate soldiers and then by the Union soldiers, after they defeated the South.

Makeupless and loving vacation! This is soon after I was suddenly stricken with heat sickness and had to run to the bathroom, haha. Whoops.
 More later!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just like Washington...

...we're crossing the Delaware!

Well, not really. But we are driving up to Delaware tomorrow morning. It will be a loooong drive, but it will be filled with fun stops, sing alongs, hilarity and more than likely some delirium. Luckily, Toby and I are the best of buddies so we will have a ton of fun :)

We're excited to see family first and foremost, but we're also going to take some fun daytrips to D.C. and Philadelphia, which has filled me with glee...haha, glee is a funny word.

What are you up to this summer?

Catch you on the flip side,


Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Traveling Birds

Hello all,

I have missed posting, sorry about the long gap but I was living life and the computer was not part of it...which we all need to do more often than not. Toby and I were recently at the Messiah Conference held by the MJAA and we had a great time. Amazing people, great messages, and getting into God's presence is always top notch in our book. The conference was in Grantham, PA (just outside Harrisburg) nestled in the trees at Messiah College and it was a perfect place to be. To get to the conference we drove up with  dear friends of ours from another congregation on a bus full of people. 13 hours later we got there...oy.

Before we left for the conference, Toby and I stumbled upon a small town called Senoia, GA. It was super cute and Southern as can be. Turns out a lot of films took place there like Sweet Home Alabama, Driving Miss Daisy and others. So, this little town seems to know it's stuff. However, there was also current filming going on there as well...for a new show called The Walking Dead. They had some of the set partially up and signs everywhere stating it. In fact, the cast had just left that very morning to return the following week! Crazy huh? The local coffee shop had even made a "Zombie Dark" brew in honor of the cast. Toby and I had a lovely, romantical day walking around, sipping tea and imagining a zombie apocalypse, haha.

Here are some pics of our travels. We are off NEXT week to visit Delware and Toby's mom's family. We are so thrilled! Hopefully I'll squeeze another post in between now and then.

Welcome to Senoia, GA.
Cute little gelato place in downtown Senoia.
Woo hoo! I love this movie.
The city was asked not to mow their lawns because the town needed to look deserted
as a result of the zombie apocalypse. haha.
Never been this close to a movie/TV set!
The fictional town of Woodbury. Senoia allowed them to keep their set for the fake town up in downtown.
More of the town.
The infamous home of "the governor" or so I was told.
Enjoying the day!
Clean shaven and make-up free at the conference.
Toby giving instructions to our friend on how to peel a banana like an actual primate. That's my man.
The scariest thing I've ever seen.
Dear friends singing their little hearts out!

Happy trails.


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