Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I love it so much, and not just for the food :)
It is a time to stop and think about all that G-D has blessed us with and brought us through. Without hardships we wouldn't really know joy, and without joy we would not get through the hardships. So, even if you have had a rough year or week or even just a rough day, know that there is always something good that will come of it, because G-D is just good like that :)

Well, it is time for a thankful list. I am thankful for:
1. My G-D. He is everything to me and always lets me know He loves me :)
2.My husband and best friend, Toby. He's the best gift G-D ever gave me!
3. My family, they made me what I am.
4. My amazing friends
5. My congregation
6. My rabbi and his precious family
7. Our fabulous youth group who bless me every day!
8. The freedom to worship G-D without fear or persecution
9. Music!
10. books
11. Our little apartment :)
12. Our cars
13. Movies...they are my favorite!
14. The gifts G-D has given me
15. The way He provides for us when it seems hard! He is SO faithful!

We had a wonderful time and walked away full and happy. After the dinner, we decided to observe the madness going on at Target and BOY was it mad! The line stretched around the store! Here is a glimpse into our Thanksgiving adventures:
Our lovely Thanksgiving table at Roxanne's!
Happy and hungry birds :)
The pandemonium outside Target
Even the local news came out!
No. Insanity starts here.
How was your thanksgiving?


Friday, November 18, 2011

Autumn Appreciation, Day 4: Farewell Friday!

 Well friends, we are off for a pre-Thanksgiving vacation in Florida! I think autumn vacations are the best, even if they are at the beach! It will be neat to see how Florida does the fall season.
I've been running around getting stuff done this morning and afternoon, one of which was finding this electric menorah at Goodwill as well as a bunch of other Hanukkah decorations! I'm so proud of Macon, GA to have all this stuff! But I still have not finished packing so I'm off to do that!

$19.99! Ok, maybe not the cheapest, but it was more expensive where it was from!
See you Wednesday!


*Photos taken via instagram

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Autumn Appreciation, Day 3: Home alone nights

Tonight my dear sweet husband went out with a friend, and left me to have some much needed solo time! Yes, I love having my hubby with me every minute (seriously, I can't get enough of that guy) but, it is nice to have some "kick back and relax" time without having to cook dinner or anything else. I got Wendy's to go, poured a glass of wine, got in my pj's and watched Maid in Manhattan (TOTALLY lame but somehow I like it) and Sense and Sensibility (obviously the better choice). It was fabulous and girly and so relaxing!
I realize that this does not have too much to do with autumn appreciation, but let's face it, everything is more fun in the fall, so doing all this under a blanket makes it even more enjoyable. 

Full glass lasted me all night...well...see text below...
Enjoying the crazy-haired freedom of chick flicks!
Yes, it was a lovely night. That is, until I suddenly spilled red wine all over our WHITE carpet. That's what Toby came home crying and trying to clean up wine. HAH. Perhaps Jane Austen would have advice for such a thing. She'd probably say something like, "Foolish actions performed by clever people are the result of either love or drunkenness, and if neither the former nor the latter, they should be stripped of their cleverness."

Jane Austen was a judgy lady...I'm sure she'd make fun of me :)

Have a great night!


*Photos taken via instagram

Survey Saturday!

Excited for Survey Saturday!

 Ok, I am working on the Florida vacation post, and it will be good because it was so fun and G-D really spoke to us while we were there. But, until then I have decided to start "Survey Saturday". Since Shabbat comes to a close Saturday night, I think a little survey will be a nice way to reflect on the time before and imagine the time to come. Or, its just fun and I like to fill them out. The first one sounds more profound though, so we'll go with that :)

Happy Survey Saturday!

1.   My current obsession is: INSTAGRAM, looking at other people's blogs, the psalms, the Civil Wars, and sweet, sweet autumn!

2.  My husband: Is the best one out there and the only one for me! He's my birdie :)

3.  My greatest strength is: Well, I think I'm pretty good at keeping people's head up when they are down. If everyone is discouraged around me, somehow I'm able to find some if I'm down that's another story entirely! haha

4.  Vintage finds: Are a great thing! But, I'm not exactly a vintage hunter.

5.  My life is: quite lovely! There are ups and downs as with anything but G-D keeps me level and has given me a wonderful man to share it all with! Psalm 103 :)

6.  In high school I was: A crazy theatre kid, part of a quite comedic group of folks, choir nerd, and not very studious. It was very fun in places and I made some fabulous friends, but I'm glad it's done and gone!

7.   When I'm super tired: I start to rub my eyes, laugh HYSTERICALLY, and/or get kind of basically I'm saying I'm a toddler. haha.

Short and sweet. Sounds good to me! Thanks to the lovely Kelly Ann from birds of a feather for this survey! 

Have a good one!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn Appreciation Day 2: Cozy book reading

Hello, hello!
Well, as previously stated, I have decided to do an Autumn Appreciation series (more for myself than anything else) each day until December first. Today's appreciation is how cozy it is to get under a blanket with a hot cup of tea (Earl Grey in my case) and read a great and familiar book or write in a journal. Or of course, watching a movie can be included in this :)
Earl Grey tea and a journal for today!
My TOP fall movie choice of all time, Lord of the Rings....all of them!
Today was a cloudy day so it made the leaves really pop! I opened the windows, turned the lights low and read some and then watched a movie! I so love days like that! This song by Nickel Creek (my FAVORITE band in the world) pretty much is the musical sum-up of today.

What has been good about today for you?


*photos taken via instagram

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A walk in the fall

 "Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it,
and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."

- George Eliot

Well, if that doesn't sum up how I feel about autumn then nothing does! Toby and I are completely, 100% in love with the fall season. There is just something about the fall that envelopes you with the warmest and most familiar of feelings. It is beautiful how the earth seems to change its bright and sunny robe for a rich one of reds and oranges and yellows. I know that when the leaves change colors it is because they are getting ready to die and fall, but I can't help but see G-D in that. It is in death that they are the most beautiful, and then after that they are reborn. Paul says in Philippians 1:21 "For to me, life is the Messiah,and death is gain." We as believers are to adopt that code. To know that in death the true beauty of our Father awaits, but in life, we share with the world our hope and salvation! Either way, there is beauty!
On another note, Toby and I have taken some lovely walks this fall, and for those of my loves who are not in Georgia, this is what fall looks like for us here!
Taking in Nature! :)
And while out, we happened upon the eye of Sauron, haha

Ah, so beautiful! We will be taking our little fall hearts to Florida this weekend and so we will share what it looks like there! I officially deem this Autumn Appreciation, every day until December!

What are your favorite parts of Autumn?


*All photos take with ipod via instagram

Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY: Autumn brew recipe

     If you are like me, then Autumn makes you giddy and wanting to crawl under the covers, read a book and drink hot tea all day long! I LOVE all things Autumn. All the reds and browns and oranges and yellows and the cool crispness that is September through November. One of my favorite things about Autumn is the smell. I can't explain it, but there is a smell in the air that is like...I don't know. It's just warm and fuzzy! However, I cannot bring that smell inside my home so I have to create something else. My mom used to always make this mixture by the time November came around and it filled the whole house with this amazing holiday smell (works around the winter holidays too!).
All you need is:  A small pot a little more than half full of water
                        1 tsp Cinnamon
                        1/2 tsp cloves
                        and a few sprinkles of Ginger (if you want)
*Keep in mind, I am not a person who measures as far as this goes, I just go by what smells good so feel free to improvise.

1. Put the pot of water on about medium heat and let it warm for a few minutes.
2. Add cinnamon, cloves, and ginger and stir.
3. Give the brew a few minutes to mix and heat, then enjoy the warm and yummy smell!

We've been enjoying this for a few days now! When I'm at work or when we go to sleep, I just put the lid on and heat it back up again the next day. It can last like that for about 2 to 3 days (depending on frequency of use).

Hope you are having a fabulous Autumn! Let me know if you try the recipe and like it or if you add anything fun to it!


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