Thursday, November 17, 2011

Autumn Appreciation, Day 3: Home alone nights

Tonight my dear sweet husband went out with a friend, and left me to have some much needed solo time! Yes, I love having my hubby with me every minute (seriously, I can't get enough of that guy) but, it is nice to have some "kick back and relax" time without having to cook dinner or anything else. I got Wendy's to go, poured a glass of wine, got in my pj's and watched Maid in Manhattan (TOTALLY lame but somehow I like it) and Sense and Sensibility (obviously the better choice). It was fabulous and girly and so relaxing!
I realize that this does not have too much to do with autumn appreciation, but let's face it, everything is more fun in the fall, so doing all this under a blanket makes it even more enjoyable. 

Full glass lasted me all night...well...see text below...
Enjoying the crazy-haired freedom of chick flicks!
Yes, it was a lovely night. That is, until I suddenly spilled red wine all over our WHITE carpet. That's what Toby came home crying and trying to clean up wine. HAH. Perhaps Jane Austen would have advice for such a thing. She'd probably say something like, "Foolish actions performed by clever people are the result of either love or drunkenness, and if neither the former nor the latter, they should be stripped of their cleverness."

Jane Austen was a judgy lady...I'm sure she'd make fun of me :)

Have a great night!


*Photos taken via instagram

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