Thursday, November 17, 2011

Survey Saturday!

Excited for Survey Saturday!

 Ok, I am working on the Florida vacation post, and it will be good because it was so fun and G-D really spoke to us while we were there. But, until then I have decided to start "Survey Saturday". Since Shabbat comes to a close Saturday night, I think a little survey will be a nice way to reflect on the time before and imagine the time to come. Or, its just fun and I like to fill them out. The first one sounds more profound though, so we'll go with that :)

Happy Survey Saturday!

1.   My current obsession is: INSTAGRAM, looking at other people's blogs, the psalms, the Civil Wars, and sweet, sweet autumn!

2.  My husband: Is the best one out there and the only one for me! He's my birdie :)

3.  My greatest strength is: Well, I think I'm pretty good at keeping people's head up when they are down. If everyone is discouraged around me, somehow I'm able to find some if I'm down that's another story entirely! haha

4.  Vintage finds: Are a great thing! But, I'm not exactly a vintage hunter.

5.  My life is: quite lovely! There are ups and downs as with anything but G-D keeps me level and has given me a wonderful man to share it all with! Psalm 103 :)

6.  In high school I was: A crazy theatre kid, part of a quite comedic group of folks, choir nerd, and not very studious. It was very fun in places and I made some fabulous friends, but I'm glad it's done and gone!

7.   When I'm super tired: I start to rub my eyes, laugh HYSTERICALLY, and/or get kind of basically I'm saying I'm a toddler. haha.

Short and sweet. Sounds good to me! Thanks to the lovely Kelly Ann from birds of a feather for this survey! 

Have a good one!


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