Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn Appreciation Day 2: Cozy book reading

Hello, hello!
Well, as previously stated, I have decided to do an Autumn Appreciation series (more for myself than anything else) each day until December first. Today's appreciation is how cozy it is to get under a blanket with a hot cup of tea (Earl Grey in my case) and read a great and familiar book or write in a journal. Or of course, watching a movie can be included in this :)
Earl Grey tea and a journal for today!
My TOP fall movie choice of all time, Lord of the Rings....all of them!
Today was a cloudy day so it made the leaves really pop! I opened the windows, turned the lights low and read some and then watched a movie! I so love days like that! This song by Nickel Creek (my FAVORITE band in the world) pretty much is the musical sum-up of today.

What has been good about today for you?


*photos taken via instagram


  1. Oh I love just getting all cosy in bed and watching a film or reading. My boyfriend and I just cuddle up and watch some comedy. I like it with a hot drink too but I always manage to spill it :-/!


  2. Haha! Sarah, it sounds like you and I have the same problem! :)


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