Friday, March 23, 2012

Instagram Review and a Birthday

This week, like all others, has had its ups and downs but all in all it was great!
It started with a FABULOUS bake sale our youth put on to raise money for a retreat...and it was super successful. They all did such great work and were so helpful! 
The next day, in a zippy and an unexpected twist, I woke up with a 101 degree fever haha! I stayed in bed for two days drinking Earl Grey and watching Law and Order SVU. The rest of the week has been pretty sweet youthies and Toby threw me and some other March lovies a birthday party and we all had a good ole time. Life is good, even in the hard times. G-D is just sweet to us like that.
So, yeah. I'm 25 today. HOLY CRAP. It's nuts! I always thought that getting to this age would take forever, but now that it's here, it's not much to write home about. It's nice though! I kind of feel more like an adult...I guess. My hubs and had dinner out on the porch in the lovely spring air. It was nice to change our routine around a bit and just take a literal breather. My mom sent me a box of goodies and my mother in law gave me one too! Some of our dear youth stopped by the house with chocolate and rose after they went to see the Hunger Games. I'm so blessed with such sweet and loving people in my life. It really made me feel so thankful to have all of them in my life. Perhaps that's what birthdays mean when you get older...instead of being appreciated, it truly makes you want to appreciated everyone else :)

Well, let us not delay, here are the pics!

Pumpkin cookies for the bake sale! Had to get rid of that last remnant of fall
for something good!
All the baked goodies!
Some of the youth through the window...they were on babysitting duty :)
During excessive coughing, a fever, and aches all over, I head Benson and
Stabler to keep my company. Along with my tea.
Also, Mr. Frakes kept me company on a hilarious time travel trip through the bible lol. 
When I escaped bed rest, I saw how beautifully Spring had adorned my
neighborhood with wisteria blossoms.

The youth party was great. Such sweeties!
Wearing the earrings one of my youth made me. Talented girl!
Read a much needed scripture. Thanks G-D He's with us!
Also, I found out that Batman lives in my apartment complex.
See the license plate?

That was my week!  What was yours like?


Friday, March 16, 2012

Once Upon a Survey...

Spring has sprung and the break has been glorious! 
Today is my last day of spring break (not counting the weekend) and it has been oh so nice. 
I've been entertaining myself with Netflix, cleaning, cooking and laundry (I know the last 3 don't sound particularly amazing, but I've not had time to do them in the last weeks so I rather appreciate them now). 
I'm definitely not yearning to get back to the books, but I will have a little more energy to do so I suspect.

Before the survey, I have a couple show recommendations for you all!
1.) The BBC's Sherlock. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch (what a name!) and Martin Freeman (the new Bilbo) and it is a modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved tales. Give it a watch!
2.) Once Upon A Time. It comes on ABC and is a take on Grimm's fairytales, with a twist of course. I am quite in love with all things whimsical, so this is a major favorite :)

On with the sure to find references to the above shows in it :)

1.  If there was a fairytale my life would fit into, it would be Little Red Riding Hood. Why? Because Little Red is one of the only ones who does NOT make a deal to find success. I mean, she gets eaten by a wolf, but thanks to the huntsman she comes back. After all, we've all been tricked by a wolf or two in life but then learned from it :)  

2. If I had to say only one phrase for the rest of my life it would be G-D is good. Because no matter what is going on, no matter how crazy things get...He never changes. He is always good. That's the one thing that never changes. 

3. Sherlock Holmes or John Watson? That's a toughy. We all love Holmes, however I like Watson because he's more of a relateable person. He falls in love and he feels and he messes up. Holmes, by his definition, is a high functioning sociopath...not very inviting, haha.

4. If I had 3 wishes, they would be 1. I'd wish for my school loans to be paid off. 2. For Toby's and my mom to not have to work and be financially taken care of. 3. a nice house!  

5. Between the woods and Baker Street, I would choose Baker Street. I can always take a camping trip :) 

6. Speaking of woods, if I were lost in the woods, the 3 things I'd carry with me would be matches (to make a torch and make a fire), a bow and arrow (because it's quick and quiet; this is of course in a fictional land where I can actually USE a bow and arrow), and a notebook and pen (creative ideas often come from strife).

7. In an enchanted wood (sorry guys, I'm super obsessed with fairy tales) I come across a looking glass, a spinning wheel, and 5 beans. Unaware of the meaning of these items, I choose the 5 beans because the image in the glass may lie, the spinning wheel may break, but the beans will yield food and are easy to carry.

"And they lived happily ever after."


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicky came to town!

Chicky? Who's that?
I'm aware that's a strange name, but it is what my cousins and I call each other, well, one of the many names we call each other. My cousin Meredith (chicky) came to town last Wednesday and stayed through Sunday! Although we missed Tiffany very much, it was so nice to have Meredith with us.

While Toby was at work we had lots of fun just-us-cousins adventures. We went and walked around Downtown Macon and took lots of fun photos. It was in those moments of exploration that I realized just how many times we almost DIED crossing the street, haha! We had ourselves a good, life threatening time...kidding. We stopped in at The Joshua Cup, a local coffee shop, and had some AMAZING coffe (and tea). The atmosphere was perfect for listening to Coldplay and my new found favorite, The Avett Brothers. If you ever go, get yourself a hot cup of a "Joyride". Trust me.

Our nights were filled with hilarity and yummy, fruity drinks as well as Netflix thanks to our new Roku! It was an early birthday present from my aunt, uncle and cousin. We are totally in love with it and LOOOVE having all of these movies/shows on demand. If any of you are fairytale junkies like me, you should check out the show Once Upon a Time. It's quite fun to watch! 
Long story short, My cousins are my best friends and time with them is life to me. It was so much fun and I miss her so much already, but I'm looking forward to the next trip!

Here are some snapshots of our fun!

Me and Chicky! I love her so much! We missed Tiffany though :(
Putting our feet to the street.
Ah, the city-ish as Macon gets, haha.
Fantasically Southern Gothic. Visions of Faulkner dance in my head...
Also, I had no idea that Macon, GA was where Bruce Wayne's
parents were killed. Welcome to Gotham.
Coffee/Tea time :)
Earl Grey Muffins...Gluten free, too!
And of course you can't have muffins without tea...for three!
The trio! We love and miss you, Meredith!

Ah, such fun! 


Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Instagram Review

This is the melancholy face of me missing blogging!
        It's been far too long since I last wrote! Do please forgive me for the looooong absence.
I wish I could say that I was taking a break, getting "unplugged" and all, but it has been a constant go go go. Toby and I have had some crazy busy moments but also some sweet and fun moments. We saw each other stress out but we also saw each other break down before each other and G-D. Life is messy, y'all, but it's always worth it! I will eventually write some more specific posts about our comings, goings, and such but for now, we must have a quick review. So it's time to play catch up on what's been going on, via instagram, in the lives of these birds! Ready...set...go!

The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead aired...and we freaked!
So all the fam got together and watched what would befall dear Rick
and angsty Shane.

Even though we studied most of Valentine's day, Toby still got me flowers :)
In a very Narnia-like fashion, the cold weather melted away and the first buds
of Spring have begun to bloom...and in February no less!
I gave a presentation on Bram Stoker's Dracula, and this is what I wore :)
We took our youth to an event called Rise Above and while there, Toby
and his might-as-well-be-little-brother went imaginary hunting...haha.
Group shot...LOVE this guys :)
Studied my booty off...often with a cup of Earl Grey.
Toby's sister, Sarah, came into town (yes that's her in the lump of red blanket)
and we had the absolute best time. I miss her already :(
Studied some more...
The sweet hubby bought me this owl cookie jar (been looking for one for months!)
And at last, we made it to tonight. Shabbat is here!
 Well, that has been life for the last two weeks. G-D willing, I will blog more this weekend. 
But if I don't, have a happy weekend and enjoy yourselves!

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