Friday, July 4, 2014

The baby waiting game (A list of things)

Hello everyone!

Well, with my due date having come and gone, we are deep in the throes of the baby waiting game around here. At first it was all excitement and jitters with words like "dilated" and "effacement" getting tossed around (and in pregnant world, those words are very important near the end). Also, there was the buying of the last few things we needed like a crib and a baby monitor. All good things! All things that mean the baby is coming!

In the meantime, several of my lovely friends are having their babies and my envy tries to take over, not only of getting to see the baby but of their (at long last) baby-free bellies...because seriously guys, sleeping whilst pregnant is truly a battle of its own design.

So, Toby and I have been desperately trying to fill our days with some sort of activities to take our minds off of how badly we want to see our sweet little guy. It's not easy, and many of our nights have been spent waiting to see if my ever increasing contractions will last or not (they haven't) and thus we stay up until 3 or 4 am. I guess it's newborn practice. However, no matter how often I get down, I always try to remember that this baby's arrival is totally up to God and that no matter when he comes, he'll be right on time. Toby reminds me of this at least twice a day because I'm totally emo about it most times. Anyhow, here are some of the ways we have been spending our days.

1. Watching lots of soccer. Thank God for the World Cup. It has kept us truly entertained. Also, this picture is not actually of us watching soccer, but we did right before The Sixties on CNN came on, haha.

2. Reading Neil Gaiman's fantastic novel, Neverwhere. I have spoken of my love for this author before, and every book I discover by him never fails to disappoint. I figure, I better finish it before I have a little darling needing all my intention.

3. Taking hospital tours! Ok, well just one hospital tour. Toby obviously didn't know I was taking a picture, but his face was too priceless...he looks all business, ready for fatherhood. The hospital we are going to is very nice with a lovely staff, beautiful rooms and just a very comforting atmosphere. Which honestly, for a hospital hater, I did not expect that. Taking the tour really settled my nerves and I highly recommend it to any future mamas.

4. Having due date lunch dates. The day I went to the doctor this week was actually on my due date and she said I wasn't really far enough to be in labor yet (cue words like "dilated" and "effacement"). So, that was the last thing I wanted to hear and I got pretty down. Toby then suggested a date day filled with thrifting and Chick Fil A. It was just what we both needed! On the way in to Chick Fil A, a man in his car called out to us and said "Hey, y'all got a blessing on the way! May your child be healthy and strong!" I nearly started crying. It was so unexpected but he was so sincere. God knew I needed the pick me up, too.

5. Just being together. This one is probably the most important thing we've done. We have always loved our time together, as bebebirds. No matter what we are doing, we always have a good time. We are in our last few days of it just being the two of us! It's bittersweet, but it's crazy how ready your heart becomes to let the little one creep in and take over too. We are SO ready to be parents, but as a friend of mine once said of her husband, "I love my kids, but my husband is like the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. He was there first and he's the one that will always take the most of Dorothy's heart." I like that. My scarecrow :)

So we are still waiting, but not for long! I can't wait until our little man is here!

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