Saturday, August 11, 2012

survey saturday and happy birthday, Toby!

Hello friends,

Greetings from North Carolina! We are here for a very exciting event called AMF. It is a Messianic Jewish woodstock type of deal. There will be concerts all weekend, drum circles, camping...but not drugs or mudbaths...we have more class than that. Seriously though it is very exciting and God is doing some super cool things. Toby and I are going to play some of our worship stuffs tomorrow afternoon, so we are kinda pumped about that. We are in a hotel because we do not thrive without electricity, haha. I love nature, but I also love showers and a toilet. So sue me.

Anyways, this Saturday's survey is all about birthdays, courtesy of the dear Lauren Hartmann from 'the little things we do'. It is Toby's birthday today! and as a gift...he drove 4 hours haha. No, I got him some DC Comic superhero glasses that he loved...more than I thought he would we're good.

On with the survey!

1.  The age I will be on my upcoming birthday is   26. I can't believe time has flown by so fast  .

2.   The best birthday present ever would be   an all expenses paid 2 week vacation to anywhere I choose. I mean FOR REAL. Who the heck would not want that?? And for the record, I pick New Zealand .

3.  My favorite birthday to date was    my 23rd birthday. Toby planned a little surprise party for me with some of our close friends at his mom's. I was on the 'I have to look good in my wedding dress' diet, so Toby's sister Sarah designed a diet friendly meal for me and it was so wonderful. I miss sister Sarah .

4. Birthdays make me feel    nice. They are not like the major thing I look forward to, but they are nice. It is always nice to be remembered and have people show some love of course, but honestly I get more excited about Hanukkah than my birthday haha .

5. The worst birthday I ever had was   my 16th birthday  oddly enough. One word: DRAMA.

6. When I was born  IT WAS A WARM JUNE EVENING! Haha, not it was not. I was born in March (The Office, anyone???). I was 6 lbs. 9 oz. and I came out sideways. Sorry, Mom  .

7.  So far my favorite age has been   23 because I was just starting out with Toby and we were (and still are) embarking on new and fun adventures together. Married life rocks :)  .

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

"my daughter gonna marry I-AN MILLER."

Haha. Forgive the my big fat Greek wedding quote, but this entry is about the intent to marry...and Toby is Greek...and I watched this on my wedding day.


Today, well technically yesterday because it's midnight, 3 years ago Toby popped the question to me. It was a beautiful Shabbat day after Toby and I had led worship together for the first time. Before we left for lunch he got all awkward and quiet...not to mention the odd little box I saw sitting out in PLAIN VIEW (silly Toby).

He took me out in the beautiful deck at his mom's and with tears in his eyes asked for my hand in marriage. According to him, I thrusted my hand in his face in order to get that ring on. Knowing me, I believe him.

Love you my amazing man. Thanks for asking :)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crossing The Delaware: Part III

Hello all,

'tis the final chapter of our road trip paradise, and honestly this is my favorite part...THE FAMILY!

We drove up to see Toby's mom's side of the family and boy are they great! Full of life, fun and we get along swimmingly. I never had a chance to meet them until now so it was a real treat and I adore them all. It's nice when families can be friends too. We went to see movies, swimming, fishing, thrifting, cruised the Capitol and had a cocktail or two ;) they also held a little reception for Toby and I and also for his cousin Benny and his wife Alyssa. Ashley (another fantastic cousin) made the cakes and Amber (yet another fantastic cousin) picked out our cake topper. As you will see below, it was hilarious and sweet. Anyone who can link childhood wrestling (yes, wrestling) memories with a wedding has my respect. All in all it was wonderful to meet and connect with new family and there are already talks of a wintertime visit! YAY SNOW!

Enjoy the pictures and talk to you soon,


P.S. We actually DID cross the Delaware while we were fishing! So cool. And also, sorry about the photos being super out of sequence. I added them via iPod so it screwed it up somehow. until we get set up in the new apartment (yay) it will be less than perfect. Oh well.

Uncle Pete's fishing boat!
The breakfast Toby made for me one morning :)
mmm, summer days at Aunt Beth's pool. Miss it already!
Herr's chips! He is a happy man.
The little town of Middletown, DE.
Queen Anne's Lace. One of my favorite blooms, even if it is a weed. Beauty in simplicity, I say.
This little creature befriended me (Chase, by name) and was always by
my side. I miss his sweet little face.
The biggest fish of the day!
Toby making breakfast.
Ok, so I was OBSESSED with this movie all throughout my childhood
and could quote every line. When I saw this movie score record at Goodwill
I flipped out! I wish I had a record player!
This is us on the way home when we stopped at the battle site at Fredericksburg, VA.
Toby kneeling by the original wall built during the Civil War.
L to R: Toby, Amber, Me, Ashley, Bud aka the 4 horsemen...even though there is five of us lol. All we are missing is our beloved SARAH, Toby's amazing sister. (Check her out on instagram: nalismo)
Another from Fredericksburg.
The participants: Uncle Pete, Toby, Bud, and Me. Poor Bud only caught this poor little
fellow, which sucks, because he is an excellent fisherman. But it was HILARIOUS. I caught the most
and Toby caught the biggest. Pete gave moral support as the most seasoned of the bunch :)
The cloud factory on the river! JK, its just a nuclear plant, but we decided that it was a cloud factory.
THE CAKE! Ok, so the family gave us a belated reception and the
amazing cousins made the cake. Toby and them LOVED the wrestler Sting
back in the day so he and another fabulous wrestling lady adorned our cake.
It was super funny and a childhood memories way.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Survey Saturday (long time, no see)

Hey guys,

It's been FOREVER since I've done one if these, and I actually really like doing them. Why? Because it's fun to look back and see what my opinions were at a certain time in life, because Lord knows we all change daily!

Speaking of changes, my schedule is about to include the words 'back to school' in it, and honestly, I'm kind of pumped. There is something about a community of people that are all juggling school, work, family and more and band together for venting/support that is just neat. This community is called college students. I like them.

So here's to this week's survey all guessed it...BACK TO SCHOOL.

1. When August arrives I...generally feel a panicked kind of emotion because I don't want my pseudo-freedom to end. Then I kind if start to get excited...because I'm a nerd.

2. My favorite subject is...English, which is important because it's my major, haha. Anything that involves reading, analyzing, and writing papers excites me. Call me crazy, but it's true!

3. A fun school fact is...that my first grade teacher told my mom that I would be a writer one day, and I'm now an English major and in the process of writing a book! Thank you, Mrs. Fleece for believing in me.

4. In school, I always hated...eating in the cafeteria. There is an anxiety involved with walking through crowds of people to find a vacant seat MAYBE by friends that I loathe. I mean, I did it, but it sucked. I eventually me and my super cool choir friends acquired passes to get our food and eat in the choir room...ya know...because that's what the "cool kids" do. Lol not.

5. During the school year...I tend to drink more coffee and value free time more. I'm always tired, hence the coffee, and because my schedule includes work, ministry, school and married life, I live for the moments that I can stop and enjoy a moment without a scheduled event.

6. I was never good at...anything math related. Bless my teachers. They tried, I failed.

7. This year, my to make all A's (honor roll, baby!) and NOT procrastinate...haha.

That's all folks. Have a good weekend!


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