Friday, August 3, 2012

Survey Saturday (long time, no see)

Hey guys,

It's been FOREVER since I've done one if these, and I actually really like doing them. Why? Because it's fun to look back and see what my opinions were at a certain time in life, because Lord knows we all change daily!

Speaking of changes, my schedule is about to include the words 'back to school' in it, and honestly, I'm kind of pumped. There is something about a community of people that are all juggling school, work, family and more and band together for venting/support that is just neat. This community is called college students. I like them.

So here's to this week's survey all guessed it...BACK TO SCHOOL.

1. When August arrives I...generally feel a panicked kind of emotion because I don't want my pseudo-freedom to end. Then I kind if start to get excited...because I'm a nerd.

2. My favorite subject is...English, which is important because it's my major, haha. Anything that involves reading, analyzing, and writing papers excites me. Call me crazy, but it's true!

3. A fun school fact is...that my first grade teacher told my mom that I would be a writer one day, and I'm now an English major and in the process of writing a book! Thank you, Mrs. Fleece for believing in me.

4. In school, I always hated...eating in the cafeteria. There is an anxiety involved with walking through crowds of people to find a vacant seat MAYBE by friends that I loathe. I mean, I did it, but it sucked. I eventually me and my super cool choir friends acquired passes to get our food and eat in the choir room...ya know...because that's what the "cool kids" do. Lol not.

5. During the school year...I tend to drink more coffee and value free time more. I'm always tired, hence the coffee, and because my schedule includes work, ministry, school and married life, I live for the moments that I can stop and enjoy a moment without a scheduled event.

6. I was never good at...anything math related. Bless my teachers. They tried, I failed.

7. This year, my to make all A's (honor roll, baby!) and NOT procrastinate...haha.

That's all folks. Have a good weekend!


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  1. Oh I've missed your surveys!! Have a lovely saturday xxx


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