Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crossing The Delaware: Part II

*This post was written while in Delaware but I forgot to post it. More later!

Hello all,

First off, let me just say that this trip has been amazing and so refreshing! I have gotten to meet family from Toby's side and they are crazy and fabulous. I love them all so much! I will post about our time with them later, but now onto part II of our trip!

On Thursday we traversed from Middletown, DE to the great Washington D.C. for a day trip with Uncle Charlie and his son...who is also Charlie (but affectionately referred to as Bubba or Bub). We walked all over the city as the sun brutally melted our flesh...but boy, did we have a good time anyway! We went to the Capitol and took a tour which was so neat. There is just so much history there! Toby was like a little boy in a toy store, running around with his camera snapping shots and shooting videos and imagining Abraham Lincoln giving his presidential speech. It melted my heart a little.

We also went to The Museum of American History and The Museum of Natural History in the Smithsonian. That totally blew our minds. We could have stayed in each place for a week. We saw lots of cool things!

Forgive the photo overload, guys. I went picture crazy, and this isn't even all of them! I hope you enjoy them!


Abraham Lincoln's hat that he wore the night he was assassinated.
Dorothy's slippers from the movie!
Our nation's capitol...e pluribus unum.
One more.
Touring the capitol with the fam.
An actual part of the Berlin Wall inside the Smithsonian. Amazing.
The boys in front of "the castle" part of the smithsonian. Silly Toby.
Cool pic.
Museum of Natural History! NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM! lol
The Rotunda. The tour guide KEPT saying this word and I kinda wanted to punch her in the
face. We're in the rotunda. I get it.
Haha. So many emotions.
Sweet, history loving Toby taping and narrating to his heart's content.
More taping.

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