Thursday, August 9, 2012

"my daughter gonna marry I-AN MILLER."

Haha. Forgive the my big fat Greek wedding quote, but this entry is about the intent to marry...and Toby is Greek...and I watched this on my wedding day.


Today, well technically yesterday because it's midnight, 3 years ago Toby popped the question to me. It was a beautiful Shabbat day after Toby and I had led worship together for the first time. Before we left for lunch he got all awkward and quiet...not to mention the odd little box I saw sitting out in PLAIN VIEW (silly Toby).

He took me out in the beautiful deck at his mom's and with tears in his eyes asked for my hand in marriage. According to him, I thrusted my hand in his face in order to get that ring on. Knowing me, I believe him.

Love you my amazing man. Thanks for asking :)


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