Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicky came to town!

Chicky? Who's that?
I'm aware that's a strange name, but it is what my cousins and I call each other, well, one of the many names we call each other. My cousin Meredith (chicky) came to town last Wednesday and stayed through Sunday! Although we missed Tiffany very much, it was so nice to have Meredith with us.

While Toby was at work we had lots of fun just-us-cousins adventures. We went and walked around Downtown Macon and took lots of fun photos. It was in those moments of exploration that I realized just how many times we almost DIED crossing the street, haha! We had ourselves a good, life threatening time...kidding. We stopped in at The Joshua Cup, a local coffee shop, and had some AMAZING coffe (and tea). The atmosphere was perfect for listening to Coldplay and my new found favorite, The Avett Brothers. If you ever go, get yourself a hot cup of a "Joyride". Trust me.

Our nights were filled with hilarity and yummy, fruity drinks as well as Netflix thanks to our new Roku! It was an early birthday present from my aunt, uncle and cousin. We are totally in love with it and LOOOVE having all of these movies/shows on demand. If any of you are fairytale junkies like me, you should check out the show Once Upon a Time. It's quite fun to watch! 
Long story short, My cousins are my best friends and time with them is life to me. It was so much fun and I miss her so much already, but I'm looking forward to the next trip!

Here are some snapshots of our fun!

Me and Chicky! I love her so much! We missed Tiffany though :(
Putting our feet to the street.
Ah, the city...well...as city-ish as Macon gets, haha.
Fantasically Southern Gothic. Visions of Faulkner dance in my head...
Also, I had no idea that Macon, GA was where Bruce Wayne's
parents were killed. Welcome to Gotham.
Coffee/Tea time :)
Earl Grey Muffins...Gluten free, too!
And of course you can't have muffins without tea...for three!
The trio! We love and miss you, Meredith!

Ah, such fun! 


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