Friday, March 23, 2012

Instagram Review and a Birthday

This week, like all others, has had its ups and downs but all in all it was great!
It started with a FABULOUS bake sale our youth put on to raise money for a retreat...and it was super successful. They all did such great work and were so helpful! 
The next day, in a zippy and an unexpected twist, I woke up with a 101 degree fever haha! I stayed in bed for two days drinking Earl Grey and watching Law and Order SVU. The rest of the week has been pretty sweet youthies and Toby threw me and some other March lovies a birthday party and we all had a good ole time. Life is good, even in the hard times. G-D is just sweet to us like that.
So, yeah. I'm 25 today. HOLY CRAP. It's nuts! I always thought that getting to this age would take forever, but now that it's here, it's not much to write home about. It's nice though! I kind of feel more like an adult...I guess. My hubs and had dinner out on the porch in the lovely spring air. It was nice to change our routine around a bit and just take a literal breather. My mom sent me a box of goodies and my mother in law gave me one too! Some of our dear youth stopped by the house with chocolate and rose after they went to see the Hunger Games. I'm so blessed with such sweet and loving people in my life. It really made me feel so thankful to have all of them in my life. Perhaps that's what birthdays mean when you get older...instead of being appreciated, it truly makes you want to appreciated everyone else :)

Well, let us not delay, here are the pics!

Pumpkin cookies for the bake sale! Had to get rid of that last remnant of fall
for something good!
All the baked goodies!
Some of the youth through the window...they were on babysitting duty :)
During excessive coughing, a fever, and aches all over, I head Benson and
Stabler to keep my company. Along with my tea.
Also, Mr. Frakes kept me company on a hilarious time travel trip through the bible lol. 
When I escaped bed rest, I saw how beautifully Spring had adorned my
neighborhood with wisteria blossoms.

The youth party was great. Such sweeties!
Wearing the earrings one of my youth made me. Talented girl!
Read a much needed scripture. Thanks G-D He's with us!
Also, I found out that Batman lives in my apartment complex.
See the license plate?

That was my week!  What was yours like?


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