Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I love it so much, and not just for the food :)
It is a time to stop and think about all that G-D has blessed us with and brought us through. Without hardships we wouldn't really know joy, and without joy we would not get through the hardships. So, even if you have had a rough year or week or even just a rough day, know that there is always something good that will come of it, because G-D is just good like that :)

Well, it is time for a thankful list. I am thankful for:
1. My G-D. He is everything to me and always lets me know He loves me :)
2.My husband and best friend, Toby. He's the best gift G-D ever gave me!
3. My family, they made me what I am.
4. My amazing friends
5. My congregation
6. My rabbi and his precious family
7. Our fabulous youth group who bless me every day!
8. The freedom to worship G-D without fear or persecution
9. Music!
10. books
11. Our little apartment :)
12. Our cars
13. Movies...they are my favorite!
14. The gifts G-D has given me
15. The way He provides for us when it seems hard! He is SO faithful!

We had a wonderful time and walked away full and happy. After the dinner, we decided to observe the madness going on at Target and BOY was it mad! The line stretched around the store! Here is a glimpse into our Thanksgiving adventures:
Our lovely Thanksgiving table at Roxanne's!
Happy and hungry birds :)
The pandemonium outside Target
Even the local news came out!
No. Insanity starts here.
How was your thanksgiving?


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