Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday

Today is the day we rejoice, because the work week is over and we have some relaxing days ahead! This tired face above is looking a little brighter now because sleeping in is quickly approaching.

The weather is trying to get warmer (try harder) so it's not brutally cold as we've all been used to. The sun is coming out and boy are we happy to see it! *cue "Here Comes the Sun"*

This week was a good one. I was able to work everyday, which isn't always a thing and I'm thankful for that.  Also Purim begins today which is a super fun holiday. It's all about the story of Queen Esther, which you can read in the book of Esther (in the bible). We basically party like it's 1999 to celebrate how God saved the Jewish people from destruction through Esther's obedience. Fun times! So this weekend will be filled with sweets and laughs and we will start it off with Shabbat tonight,  as always. I love Fridays!

What are you doing this weekend?



  1. Your little face over that coffee cup is cracking me up! I hope you get lots of rest this weekend and enjoy celebrating the holiday!

  2. the weekend is always a welcomed event :) enjoy celebrating Purim!


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