Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sub Adventures #2

As I travel the road of substitute teaching, I have quickly (and painfully) discovered what age groups I do and don't like to sub for. I love elementary school kids outside the classroom, but inside it they are like wild monkey children let loose for pure destruction. Not always, though. There are always the really sweet ones that capture your heart, like this little girl who decided to draw me a picture.

As you can see, the sweet little girl expertly crafted my hair and baby bump, as well as awarded me first life I suppose, and wished me happiness and luck. Seriously,knit made me day because the rest of it was HORRIBLE. After only an hour of me being there,  three boys got into a fight, one of which had a punched nose. Another boy ripped a hole in a kid's shirt and was sent to the office. Also, the most ADHD kid I've ever met was firing in all cylinders because he "forgot" his medication. There was also this other boy who looked tame with a very serious face and kept stroking my arms. I still don't really know what to make of that.

Again I say, I don't like subbing for elementary school.

I consoled myself from this crazy day with a butterfingers blizzard and jammed out to Stevie Nicks. And yes, it helped.

Despite the unpleasantness, I still had good moments and the kids called me Mrs. M because they couldn't pronounce my last name. I felt like Jack Black in School of Rock and it was glorious.

More adventures to come!



  1. Holy moley! Sounds like those kids are just wild! Be careful braving the elementary world!

  2. One of my best friends is a Year 1 teacher, surrounded by roomful of 5 year olds! Your story made me chuckle, especially the boy stroking your arms. It sounds exactly like something she would say. I'm pretty sure I was never that crazy as a kid....I think...


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