Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring has sprung (a list of things)

No matter what the temperature reads or what the weather man says regarding how cold it still may be, spring has officially sprung! March 20th marks the glorious emergence of the green goodness that we wait for every winter, and especially this one. I for one know that I am quite ready for some sunshine and gardening. There are a few great things that I look forward to every spring, so I thought I'd actually list them out for a change.

Good ole Georgia, alive with Spring.

Spring is exciting because:

1. The earth becomes green and full of life again, and I always whisper to myself at some point "Aslan is on the move."

2. I get to think about (and begin) gardening again. You can see my obsession with gardening here.

3. We celebrate my favorite holiday, Passover.

4. we also celebrate my birthday (on March 23rd...this Sunday!!)

5. The cherry blossoms bloom here in Georgia and they are just beautiful. We even have a festival dedicated to the event.

6. We get to ditch our winter coats (at some point) in exchange for light sweaters and, dare I say it, short sleeves!

7. SPRING BREAK! for those of us who are students or teachers. I know my dear friend Julie can relate!

I hope everyone has a happy beginning of spring and a happy weekend!



  1. What a lovely list of spring wonderfulness! Happy (early) Birthday, too!! Hope it's a beautiful one for you :)

  2. Great list. I love spring! It's such a wonderful time of year.


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