Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dreaming of Spring

As I'm sure we all are doing, I'm definitely dreaming of a warmer temperature. Don't get me wrong, I love bundling up in blankets and the rare chance for snow the south gets is FANTASTIC but I still have moments of missing some sun and greenery. I don't want the blazing Georgia heat yet (because trust me, it's rough) but 70 degrees can be quite nice to think of when you can't feel your fingers after going outside for 10 minutes. Ah, spring and your not-too-cold temperatures.

Part of the reason why I am missing Spring is because I love, love, love gardening. I'm certainly no expert and I have tons more to learn, but I really get so much enjoyment out of it. Every year I learn something new and get a little bit better at it. That is life isn't it? Trying and trying until you succeed!

I found some old pictures of our first try at gardening and my heart ached for Spring!

We live in an apartment, so we are a bit limited on what we can grow. We keep it simple and just do a few herbs and on occasion some peppers or small tomatoes. It feels so good to eat or use something you've grown yourself!

Blurry but beloved picture of my darling tomatoes.
I don't usually do resolutions, but if I were to have one it would be to really take my little plant-babies seriously this year...you know, before the ACTUAL baby comes, haha. It is definitely something I would like to raise our kids doing and seeing us do. It's very therapeutic and not to mention healthy. You can see my past gardening attempts here, and here . And who knows, maybe this year I'll get REALLY crazy and plant some flowers too. Having a look at this post really makes me want some flowers that I can just pick and place around the room and not have to buy...because I'm all about the cheap thrills, baby.

again, rough picture, but I miss these little guys!

Do any of you garden? Know any good gardening blogs? Do tell!

~ B ~


  1. Good on you for trying to have a sweet little garden. I tried a while ago, but due to travel and not enough light inside, my little garden never worked out. Your post is making me more eager to try gardening again soon. :)

    1. Travel is a great problem to have! Do let me know if you try the garden again :)

    2. I want to plant some herbs but I am scared I will kill them. I'm not very good with plants. :/

    3. Some herbs are far easier than others. I felt the same! Start with something like Basil's rosemary. It hits snowed here ON my rosemary plant and it's still alive! Haha


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