Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow days in the South

I know that most of my friends up north have been absolutely pummeled with snow and it has been super annoying, but we down South had been waiting for our turn for a winter wonderland.

Well friends, it came and it was glorious. It began snowing on Tuesday night and it kept on all night (which for us in Georgia is positively unheard of). We were giddy like little kids!

This wasn't supposed to be blurry, but I kind of love it.
We pulled out the (super uncomfortable) couch-bed and slept in the living room so we could look at the snow better. We were off Wednesday and Thursday and went in late on Friday because we aren't used to wintry weather down here and the entire state was declared in a state of emergency. Bless our hearts. There was even a woman who had to give birth in her car because the highway was so backed up she couldn't make it to the hospital. It was a lot like The Walking Dead, but with snow instead of zombies. Makes sense that it's filmed here because we obviously go into intense survival mode when the crap hits the fan.

As for these snow birds, we remained safe in our little apartment until it was time to go out for a snow adventure. The snow was just beautiful. I can't believe how much I loved it. We were both snapping pictures and jumping in snow piles and...eating the snow. Yes, I know. But, guys seriously we never get snow. The forecast says we may get more snow on Friday which is more exciting than I can express!

We walked all around our apartment community, and oddly enough we were the only ones out even though no one had to go to work. It was so strange to see our little world covered in snow. It kind of felt like Narnia. Actually it REALLY felt like Narnia. In fact every lamppost we passed I pretended I was Lucy and then immediately wanted tea and cake. This is what snow does to me, folks.

Can't you just imagine Mr. Tumnus with his wee umbrella standing there?!

After our snow adventure was over we made cookies and hot chocolate. The perfect end to a perfect day. It was so much fun getting to spend the day with Toby (and our bird-in-the-belly) laughing and playing and resting. It was a very good day.

How have you all been spending your snow days?



  1. awwww man! I love snow days. This is the first winter over here where we've had no snow and I feel so cheated!!

    1. Oh no that's so sad! I always associate snow with Narnia which I associate with England so that just doesn't sit well with me, haha.

  2. This is lovely! Snow days are the best. Usually we have snow now but so far this year there has been none. Have funnnnn.
    Esther x

  3. Oh looks like you guys had some fun in the snow!

  4. Wow! Snow in Georgia! How fun :)

    I live in Maine... way up north, right on the coast, and we've really been getting pummeled this year. both with snow and cold temperatures. ick... a "real maine winter". it's been fun, but also hard! it's kind of like narnia, for the first day or two, then the magic and glamour wears off and you get up and go shovel out your car, hehe.

    glad you guys got to enjoy it this year, though :) lovely photos. snow photos are always really pretty!

    1. Oh wow Maine would be so crazy with snow I bet! I'd probably go nuts haha!

  5. ahh! it just looks so cold!!! you look happy though :) :)
    francesca from Frank Vinyl


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