Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lately on Instagram

Hello everyone!

I just got back in town from a retreat in snowy Pennsylvania. Needless to say, I almost didn't make it home, but I did, thank God! I took a bunch a pictures of more snow (like you need any more, I'm sure) but because I'm lazy, I have not edited them or transferred them to the computer. On Instagram, however I'm a busy bee, well sort of. Instagram has captured my substitute teacher training days, meals during the snowpocalypse, little outings and more.

If we're not friends on Instagram we should be because it's pretty much my favorite social media outlet ever. I've been a little MIA the last few days because my phone broke, womp.
Fear not though, I'm replacing it tomorrow so look out Instagram, Brooke will be back!

1. My snowy view from my room in PA. 2. My yummy Mediterranean meal at the ATL airport.
3. Waffle House delicacies. 4. Late night dessert date with a good friend.
1. Getting ready to start temping (school of rock, anyone?). 2. Snow day.
3. Lunch at firehouse subs to escape the ice! 4. First day as a sub, and my 19
week (at the time) baby bump!

So that's a little update over here. Stay safe and warm in this weather!



  1. eeep, cute bump! AND i have the very same dress (we have awesome taste)

    1. Awesome! Yeah it's one of the few dresses I can still get away with wearing with this bump haha. Oh and thank you :)

  2. great instagram photos! i agree, instagram is one of my favorite social media places! there is just SO much to explore. I love it! There is definitely a lot of snow in Pennsylvania right now! (Where are you located?) my sister lives just outside of philly, and she's been telling me that they keep getting hit. We live up in Maine, so we get all the remnants of the snow, too! It's been crazy this year. A real winter, haha! Relelentless mother nature...

    Nice blog :)

    1. Well,I'm back in Georgia now but I was in mt. Bethel, pa and then I was in Bensalem for a bit. It was a nice bit of snow for real! I bet Maine gets it a ton!

  3. Love that window photo! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  4. hi brooke!

    yeah, I'm mixed! my mom is white, and my father was from trinidad. thanks for coming by my blog :) yeah, maine gets a ton of snow, lol! when are you due? :)


    1. I'm due July 2! I used to feel like it was forever away and now I realize it's really just around the corner. Yay and yikes haha!


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