Sunday, June 24, 2012

Instagram Review...Texas style

Well, it's been a while since I've done one of these and I've definitely taken a lot of instas since then! I just got back from my homeland of Dallas, Texas and it was so great! I got to see my family and friends and spend some quality time with my wonderful mama!
The only sad thing was that Toby could not come :(. He is in Salt Lake City, Utah for work and (according to him) having a good time as well!

Now granted, he is grading AP tests (which quite frankly makes me want to stab my eyes out Oedipus style) but he us mixin' and minglin' with other teacher friends and enjoying the beautiful mountains...and if course he forgot his camera. Oh well.

Anyways, here is a (long) instagram review if what's been going on in Georgia and in Texas!

New banana peppers and a tomato plant!
Taking care of the babies :)
Summer storms.
Toby and Jeremy. Bromance at its finest.
Late night trips to Walmart for potting soil = being a grown-up.
They have grow more even since this picture!
1. Shabbat dinner with mom. 2. Airport goodies: everything's bigger in
Texas! 3. Texas skies and traffic at 10 AM. 4. My favorite bookstore.
5. A Series of Unfortunate Events kept me company on the plane.
6. We all wear cowboy hats. 7. Breakfast with mom. 8. Pride and Prejudice
ZOMBIES. That's too funny. I love you, halfprice books.
9. Windows in the air (halfprice overload, I know) 10. I love the show Parks
and Recreation, so naturally I pulled over when my childhood play spot proudly
displayed this. 11. Had a fun night with my best friend since middle school,
who I miss so much. 12. Visited my other chicky, Tiffany and her hubby!!!
Read this GREAT book while Toby was away when I got home.
When he DID get home, we celebrated with tea and Sherlock.
Always a comforting thing to see parked next to you at a restaurant. Field trip?
Almost forgot! Some pretty wall art at the Atlanta airport.

Well, that's a little taste of life lately! Sorry for the overload! Hope you all have a great week ahead and that you find some time to enjoy the little moments, too.



  1. "Taking care of the babies!" Hhehe! I love how proud he looks :D

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

    1. HAHA! Oh he is proud and quite unashamed too. Some people have pets, some have kids, we have plants. And maybe the others too one day.

  2. The state prisoners van picture still has me nervously laughing. But I guess that they have to eat, too?

    1. My thoughts exactly. Except I would love for them to eat away from me if they are super dangerous and not the "i've changed my ways" kind. lol.

  3. Yay for summer storms. They're my favorite...but that van definitely is not!

  4. Ha! That state prisoners van shot is AWESOME. Your "summer storms" shot is making me long for a thunderstorm! Too bad all we're getting for the next week is near 100 degree sunny days!

    1. Oh gosh I know! That storm lasted about ten minutes and then the sun was out. Blast this heat!

  5. looks good and ward where you are m'lady. We're in the middle of an Aussie winter here *bbrrr*

    xo em

    1. Well I would gladly trade you! I'm sick of the high heat!!

  6. Haha potting soil = adulthood. Love it<3

  7. Great pictures. I hope you had a good time at the conference.


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