Thursday, March 6, 2014

More pregnant every day

Hello cyber friends,

That sounded so corny, but pregnancy makes you do strange things...and you get away with there.

Life around here has been peppered with lots of laughs, episodes of The Office and The Walking Dead, ramen noodles and Perrier water...and onesies! I never realized now cute onesies were until I received 5,000 of them, each cuter than the next. Baby Yosi is growing (along with my belly) every day and I couldn't be more excited! He kicks constantly and that always lets me know that he's doing A-ok.  This second trimester thing is so much more enjoyable and it really makes being pregnant a joy. This blog talks about it too, and I second her completely!

The only issue with being pregnant is that the discomfort (and unexpected bouts of exhaustion) often come at work. I'm a substitute teacher, which is definitely less taxing than a full time teacher's job, but it's usually about 7:25-3:25 and this mama gets tired. Usually right before and after lunch I am mentally and physically prepared to nap...and then I look at the angsty teenagers in front of me and remember I can't sleep. Annoying though it is, I love this growing little guy (and BOY is he growing). The pictures above were taken at 21 weeks and the bump has gotten bigger since then, now that I'm 23 weeks...which in real terms is almost 6 months! It's going fast and I love it!

Come on, baby Yosi!


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