Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Eight Dates of Hanukkah are Back!

Hello everybody!

Well, Hanukkah began last night and we started it with a BANG. Some of you may remember the eight dates of Hanukkah we started last year. Turns out it was super fun and a really nice way for Toby and I to connect over the busy holiday season. I totally recommend it to anyone looking for some fun things to do over this holiday season...or you can do the 12 dates of Christmas if that's your fancy!

Back to the story...Toby and I threw an ugly sweater Hanukkah party for our teens at the synagogue and it was so much fun. We had homemade latkes, homemade sufganiyot (aka donuts), and lots of other unhealthy things that have earned me a 5 hour gym slot. Totally worth it though.

So officially, our first date of Hanukkah was:

The Ugly Sweater Hanukkah Party!

The Serious one (love these kids!)

Awkward family photo? haha

Proud papa pic

The happy one!

Our ugly sweaters: Ducks Unlimited and Grandma's quilt. lol

Happy Hanukkah, friends!

P.S. For a look at last year's 8 dates, start here and follow the little linky links at the end of the post for more!

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