Monday, January 2, 2012

Survey Saturday (late) and date # 7

Yes, yes. Tis late again. But better late than never! Toby and I went out and celebrated with some lovely friends and had a total blast ringing in of our best yet! Stay tuned after the survey for a belated 7th date of Hanukkah!

1. The best things about 2011 was celebrating my one year anniversary with Toby, all our crazy parties with the youth group, making newlywed memories, getting to know G-D a little more and so much more!

2. A lesson I learned in 2011 was that if you want what you have to be better, you have to maintain it. This goes for so many things like a clean house, friendships, marriage, but I learned it most with G-D. The only way He can teach me more and the only way I can be closer and more like Him is to SPEND TIME with Him. It's an every day thing! 
3. 2011 was a big year for instagram and blogging! I started both in 2011 and really loved them both! This little blog has been fun for me, informative for family, and hopefully fun for others! And let's face it, instagram is addictive. Obsessed much? 
4. In 2012 I plan to start school again  (gulp), cook more challenging foods (double gulp), and be more organized...eek!

5. A movie I'm excited about in 2012 is HANDS DOWN "The Hobbit"!!! Holy crap, I seriously cannot wait for this movie. I have been slowly reading the book and have LOVED it. It's gonna be amazing.

6. My motto for 2012 will be to stand firm, and see how G-D works! I'm not saying that 2012 will be bad, but like any year it will have challenges...this time, I pray that I have the faith to stand firm and trust G-D in EVERY situation and not doubt. I've seen Him get me out of EVERY trouble...He won't stop now :)

And now...
Our 7th date of Hanukkah was lunch date in bed watching Monster House!

LOVE this movie!
Have a good one y'all!


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