Thursday, January 19, 2012

Surprise Date Night!

So as you know, school is in full swing and, surprise surprise, Toby is actually in school too!
He got accepted into the English as a Second Language certification program (that's my bebe!) so we are both coming home and cranking out the homework.

Needless to say we are tired and stressed. 

I've been really praying for G-D to just calm us down and give us some down time. 

I come home, and Toby calls me from the road and says "you wanna go on a date?" My heart melted!
So, we had a gift card to this place called Mirko Pasta, which is really yummy, and we went! It was SUCH a nice break for both of us. We were laughing and joking like nothing else! These lovebirds know how to make a date fun :)

A display of the types of pasta they have.
Their dinner cards have little Italian sayings! Bellisimo!
P.S. I wore my new shoes :)
At the end of the night, we settled down with some hot tea, Ginger tea for me,
Kava Tea for him.

G-D is so sweet. He totally gave us the break we needed. We had a good time. 

Have you ever had little unexpected dates?


1 comment:

  1. The pasta place looks fabulous!
    So glad you got the down time you needed!


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