Monday, January 16, 2012

The Grateful 52

This weekend had lots of fun, emotional, and crazy moments
(as weekends tend to have)
In all the craziness, we were able to find lots of things to be grateful for...we just had to stop and notice it.
I was just introduced to "The Grateful 52" by another fabulous blogger from another lovely nest (who you should go check out, by the way), and I think it is a marvelous idea. It is 52 weeks (do the math guys, haha) of find something to be grateful for. We all need to stop and be thankful for all  that G-D has blessed us with...because all good gifts come from Him! Especially in this life that can be so tough, it's nice to remember what makes it not so terrible after all.
Now, I am entering a week late mind you, but you won't tell, eh?   :) 

So welcome to week 2 of the Grateful 52! I will post here and on instagram!

This week's gratefulness is rather simple. 
It is a gratefulness for large, fluffy sweatshirts belonging to my husband that he lets me wear.
It's just so comfy!

And now for the weekend update in snapshots :)

Went downtown for a funeral...sad, but a beautiful service.
Went to eat Chinese food (I was excited)
Toby made us "bebe breakfast"...and yes he is wearing super man pants.

Made a midnight run to the store and it was bloody freezing!

And that's all she wrote folks! Enjoy the holiday today (for you Americans) 
and the rest of you lovelies, have a wonderful day.

Please feel free to join in the gratefulness! Leave a link in my comment forum so I can check it out!

Gratefully yours,



  1. Love the idea of jotting down all we are grateful for. I think it makes us mindful of the simple things and have a greater appreciation for them. New to your blog and glad I stumbled upon your space on the web.

    1. Chandra, so glad you found this little blog! I'd love to get to know ya :)


  2. I am also very grateful for big, fluffy mens jumpers.. although my boyfriend moans when i wear his (mainly because they dissappear for weeks into the abyss of my wardrobe after use)

    I hope the funeral wasnt too upsetting, and that you found comfort in remembering the nice things about the person that passed away xxx

    1. Haha, yeah! What I didn't mention is that Toby is not getting back that jumper because it is mine. bwahaha. The funeral was oddly enough joyful...the lady lived a lovely life and was finally at peace. But, we were able to still be happy at the end :) Thanks for inquiring :)

  3. love the blog hun!! your photos are amazing! happy to be your newest follower <3

    would really love it if you could visit me sometime and follow back ?


  4. Lovely photos! Such a sweet idea to write all the things you're grateful for, I too am grateful for cozy mens sweaters (and I am grateful that my boyfriend lets me live in his!)

    The Urban Umbrella

  5. Wow, thanks for the mention sweet bird! I'm so glad your on board. It really is important to be thankful for the simple things in life and so lovely to meet others who feel the same!


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