Wednesday, December 14, 2011

G-D vs. the world: Marriage

The Chuppah from our wedding.
        These days, we can look at everything as "G-D vs the world". If we go to G-D's word, we see all the ways we are to live our lives. If we go to the world, we will find a TOTALLY different code of (non)ethics. Because of this, a lot of really beautiful things our Father wants for us get killed off. One of these casualties of war is...marriage.

        A friend of mine and I were talking the other day and as we carried on, we realized that we each had so many friends that had struggling marriages and many of them were new marriages. I'm not talking about a fight or bad day here and there (because that's normal!) I'm talking about unfaithfulness and bitterness and just plain giving up because it feels difficult. As believers, we should know better than this.
Now listen, I am a newlywed and I BY NO MEANS am saying that I know all these amazing things about marriage, but I do know what I've learned thus far and what G-D says about it, and because of that, I would like to talk about how G-D sees it in contrast to the world.

        So how does G-D see it?
In the Genesis 2:24, G-D says “Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will cling to his wife: and they will be one flesh.” A husband and a wife come together to create a new family, a new life. Clinging together doesn't mean hanging out at home and then having separate lives emotionally or physically, it means sticking close through EVERYTHING, good or bad. Even when things are tough for whatever reason, we have to remember the vows we took and what we promised to our spouses and to G-D. Love is wonderful but it is a CHOICE. In our marriage counseling, our rabbi told us that sometimes marriage is hard and if you trust your emotions and NOT G-D you'll want to do what the world would do. You have to choose to love that person, choose to stay, and choose to work through everything. Marriage is just too beautiful and G-D ordained to just toss it away.
Now how does the world see it?
         "If you don't like it, get out or get a new one." People marry, divorce, marry, divorce all the time these days! To make and break covenants like that breaks G-D's heart and it isn't easy on anyone else either. People have an image that marriage is rainbows and butterflies and that all your troubles should melt away when you get that ring. Well, that's not it. Like anything that is good and right, it takes work,and yeah, there are hard times. But if you go into it with care and the knowledge that you're in it to stay, it's the best work ever! I LOVE being married, and I believe that G-D will always renew my love for Toby and his for me. It doesn't have to fade just have to put love and caring work into it.  

If you are a person who is married, keep on keeping on! Put your spouse's heart before your own. Wives, submit to your husband as you would to the L-RD (Ephesians 5:22) and husbands, truly love your wives as Messiah loves us and gave His life for us (Ephesians 5:25). and remember that, "no one should break apart what God has joined together." (Mark 10:9 CJB)
If you are a single person (particularly you ladies) keep WAITING for the RIGHT one and not the one that seems good right now. Don't make exceptions...not even small ones. Listen to the voice of the L-RD.When it's right He will tell you and then He'll confirm it over and over! Don't lose hope because the world puts such a negative image on marriage, love, and intimacy. Cling to the L-RD. It's within His heart that you will find the one that's meant for you. Daddy knows best :)
You married ladies I know, please feel free to comment and tell how the L-RD has strengthened your marriages! I'd love to hear it!!!

Be encouraged! Life is beautiful, Yeshua is coming, and we are blessed to b e G-D's kids!



  1. Hi Brooke, I found you through Casey Leigh's linkup. I agree with you -- too many people go into marriage thinking it's "til I don't want to do it anymore." So sad. I also think it is because so many people don't have the Lord in their lives.
    I'm a Christian, but my brother and his family are Messianic Jews (please forgive me if that is not the correct way to refer to your faith), and we believe mostly the same things. Thanks for sharing your perspective. :)

  2. lovely and so true! I once had a pastor tell me that your spouse could maybe find someone younger, maybe someone prettier...but it should be your goal in marriage to make it so that they never find someone who will treat them better. Marriage is a wonderful thing if people would just take the time ;)

  3. Kate, so cool that some of your family is Messianic! theolivetree, I agree! Good to see some more believers who value marriage! Let's be a light where we can :)


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