Friday, December 9, 2011

Survey Saturday and then some

Well, first I was just like to say something very, very important...

My beloved cousin and her lovely hubby, I am SO happy for y'all! Marriage is the best (as you well know) and I can't wait to watch you guys grow together and in the L-RD over the years!

Wedding Party!
Getting married...and there's Toby's head to the left!
The blessing :)

And now, the survey...via the little things we do

1. My favorite new blog of the moment is A Beautiful Mess. The Lovely Elsie Larson always has such cute ideas from fashion to D.I.Y.'s!

2. Something I am thankful for is SHABBAT! G-D knows that we as humans run ourselves silly (most times without need) during the week and He knew we would need a rest. But, more than that, He invites us into HIS rest! When Friday night comes I am SO ready to enter into the rest of the L-RD and it is beautiful!

3. Something that made me laugh this week was the episode of "The Office" Season 6 when Michael Scott is trying to make some girl like him by putting pictures of himself on a slideshow and showing them to her! haha!

4. An item that is currently on my wish list is some mustard yellow tights...LOVE.

5. I am excited about the upcoming MJAA Southeast Regional Conference!

6. If I were a color I would be Olive Green. It's earthy, laid back, and goes well with lots of other colors :)

7. My favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is by Putting on comfy, sweatery clothes, curling up with my birdie under a blanket and watching a right now!

Have a good weekend!



  1. Love these "fill out the blanks" blogs! Adorable wedding pics of your cousin btw! Loving your blog posts..

  2. What lovely pictures! Her dress is gorgeous.

  3. Eek, what beautiful wedding pictures! Happy anniversary to them!

  4. Those photo are so cute, and I love a beautiful mess.. such a good blog! I might have to borrow your survey saturdays idea, I do a 100 things that make me happy thing on Sundays but that will be finished soon so this might have to be my new series! xx


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