Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interview with an Umpire

Ok, so not REALLY an interview, but the title was too catchy I just had to keep it!
Toby's Dad umpires a lot around a town called Griffin in Georgia so in a sense, the title is still truthful!

Anyways, last weekend we traversed down 475 and spent our Sunday touring Toby's old stomping grounds in Griffin and visiting his Dad and Stepmom. We always have a fantastic time when we go and this time it did not disappoint. We visited Toby's old high school, elementary, and middle school and various other happy and crazy memories around town. After the trip down memory lane, we went to Dad's and had a good 'ole time! We had a fantastic dinner of Tacos (Hallelujah for Mexican food!) and then we watched AMC's The Walking Dead.
I do not normally condone zombie stuff, but this show is CRAZY good. The reason it has so much appeal is because the ensemble cast is excellent. Good script. Good actors. Great plot. It's two thumbs up.
    Oh, and bonus, scenes from this show were shot mere minutes away from Griffin! Special little town :)

Tornado damage off the highway near Griffin

Top Left: Griffin sign, Bottom Left: Fall prettiness in Griffin, Right: Beaverbrook Elementary
Drop and give me 20! Reliving old ROTC days :)

Getting artsy at Beaverbrook!
Fun day with my sweet husband!
                         Love you Ted and Lisa and Mally Mal! We had a blast with you on Sunday!


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