Monday, October 31, 2011

10,000 reasons

      In light of all the loveliness that is Follower Fall Fest Party, I did try to think of something fun and crafty or warm and yummy to whip up and serve, electronically, to the potential viewers of my post....but nothing would click! Truth be told, I'm not the craftiest or the most able in the kitchen...I'm learning and doing what I can, so I guess what I DO have to offer is the best thing I can whip up this Fall...figuring out how to be thankful.
     We all have things, many things, to be thankful for! The trick is to start small: like being thankful for that parking spot right in front of the grocery store so you don't have to walk in the rain, or that text you received from a friend with encouragement for that moment. These little things may seem small, but you'll soon discover thousands of reasons to be thankful for the life you have.

     Toby and I have had it rough with the demands of work and ministry and sometimes find it hard to think of positive things when we feel so bogged down with what we have to do. It happens to EVERYONE. We run and gun all day, week, or year and then feel totally drained! However, in this season of harvest and plenty, it's time to turn our eyes to where our help really comes from and thank our good G-D for all He does. We may be stressed, but we can pay our bills. We may hate our jobs, but we're being provided for. We may feel empty, but G-D is ready to pour life back into us. It's a beautiful cycle of being broken and built back up; each time we are more whole than before. So even though it's not quite Thanksgiving and not quite time for the "Things I'm Thankful For" list, I will make one anyway because I NEED to remember His goodness so I don't forget the hope that comes with faith in Him. :)

1. The G-D of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Without Him, I would be worth nothing. Without his provision I would be dead, Without His grace, I would surely never do anything right. Without His mercy, I would not be forgiven. Without His son Yeshua, I would have no way to the Father. Thank You, G-D for all that you are and for all the seasons you bring me through.

2. My beautiful, handsome, heart-of-gold husband, Toby. You are truly my soul mate and the reason to my rhyme. I love you so much and love walking our G-D's plan for our lives with you!

3. My family. I have an amazing, strong mom who I love so dearly and my aunt, uncle, and cousins are the best thing in the entire world! My NEW family (Toby's family) are the best in-laws anyone could ever ask for. Such a hilarious, tender, crazy, G-D fearing my own!

4. My amazing congregation Beth Yeshua International. I am learning so much and growing so tremendously in my faith there. G-D truly put me here miraculously and I am so thankful everyday to be part of this place!

5. My sweet little life with my husband. We don't have too much, but we never lack for anything. We have a little apartment, a little TV (for real, our big one broke and now we have a little bitty one!), a little couch and a lot of love! We just celebrated our first year of marriage and I am SO thankful that G-D provides for us the way He does.
So thankful for this man :)

Me and mom

Me and my cousins :)
Here's to our little life!

     These are the things that encourage me. G-D is ALWAYS good, even when things seem bad. As this song by Matt Redman says, there are always "10,000 reasons for my heart to find".

What are you thankful for today?

Keep smiling today,



  1. Hey my sweetie! Even though you are sitting right next to me with your arm around me while I type this comment, I just want to tell you that I love you so much. I'm humbled and honored to be your husband and I want to thank you for how much you make me smile and especially laugh. You're just a beautiful and neat woman that I think the world of and more. I love you always...Toby

  2. found you through follow fest! lovely post, those mugs are so cute :)


  3. Thanks so much, Alyssa! Glad to have you stop by:)


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