Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn is here!

     After a brutal summer, the first and crisp signs of Autumn have FINALLY appeared! The leaves have begun to change, the air is cooler, and the high holy days are here. Yom T'Ruah (or the Day of Sounding) has just passed and it was wonderful.  It's so amazing to celebrate the feasts of the L-RD because it's not just some fun recreational thing that we do; it's a time that G-D Himself appointed for us to be near to Him. When the Shofar sounds, it's like a wake up call for us to get over ourselves and start focusing on the L-RD. It's kind of like, when you set an alarm and you keep hitting the snooze button and then someone either gets you up or you're late! G-D sets an alarm for us, to remind us to wake up, but we just keep hitting the snooze button because we know that once we get up, we can't go back to sleep. G-D, however, loves us so much that he keeps sounding the alarm, and if He has to, yanks off the covers, because he doesn't want us to be late for His party :) What a sweet and loving G-D we have!

     Well, in light of Yom T'ruah, one of the seasonal holiday treats is honey-cake. I made some the other day and the apartment was filled with the delightful smell of cinnamon and was amazing. And I'm getting better at the challah-making so I'm quite excited about that. My other big endeavor has been switching from coffee to tea. It was scary at first and I was quite resistant to the fact, because I LOVE coffee with a burning love. But, it aggravates my acid reflux so...I switched to Earl Grey Tea...and I love it! I boil some water, stick some Earl Grey in my little teapot, and I've got a lovely morning set out for me. Also, I have bangs now, which is VERY new for me, but I quite like it. It's kind of edgy!

Well, that's all for now. Have a good weekend!


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