Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend at Roxy's

    Well, last week closed with a whisper and the weekend came with a shout! Friday night, Tobes and I had a lovely shabbat dinner with fresh baked challah I made (which, let me tell you is a big step for me)! Friday was a much needed rest, and then came Saturday. It's amazing how the enemy will stop at NOTHING to keep God's word from getting out. Rabbi Greg's message was all about following Yeshua and learning to stop asking God to calm the storm and just start stepping out on the water, metaphorically. It was powerful and such a needed word, but it took a lot to get it out. ALL of the mikes started acting up, our sound for the worship team was totally jacked up, people we needed weren't there, and much more. We were all frustrated, but we knew what was going on in the spiritual and not just the physical. Long story short, it all got fixed and the message got out.
      I think we learn everyday that as believers we should expect attacks when we step out in the Lord. Not that you should walk around freaking out thinking that the devil is breathing down your neck, but we should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. A good movie quote that expresses this was from Thor (don't laugh). King Odin says, "A wise king never seeks out war...but, he must always be ready for it." We're not kings, but we are the children of God and such is our fate to follow Him and resist the power of the enemy

     After all of that, we watched our rabbi's kids this weekend at my mother-in-law's which was a blast! From playing Mario Kart to having a tea party with the girls, it was fun and crazy and with many sweet moments in between. After we got home from taking the kids back and having some hang out time with their parents we watched Thor. TOTALLY. AMAZING. Call me crazy, but God showed me so much through that movie. There is no way to explain all of the things I got, but the strongest one was that, sometimes our heavenly Father has to make us go through things to strengthen us. Sometimes we feel stripped of our sanity and that we have lost everything, but, the only way to know where we're going is to admit that we don't know where we are. That's when God steps in and lights our path. As soon as Thor made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the innocent, THAT is when what his father had promised came to pass. He became worthy of his calling again, THAT'S US! Once we deny ourselves and live for something greater, THAT is when God steps in and anoints us for His work and give us life and new strength! WOO! I was so pumped in that movie haha.

Well, it is off to work for me. Stay encouraged and keep on keeping on!


Hubby playing Mario Kart with the kids!

Sweet snuggles :)


Obviously really happy about the bread :)

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