Friday, April 4, 2014

Sub adventures #3

As previously mentioned in my last post, it's easy to figure out which grades (or schools) work for you and which don't. I have found the most enjoyment in middle school and high school, believe it or not. The good thing about big school is that they are mostly self sufficient and fun to make friends with. Tha bad thing is that they can have the worst attitudes on the planet and can be a little scary because they are the same size as me. Of course that's worst case scenario, which rarely happens...well, at least not the scary part.

Last week I subbed for a coach, which was something I never thought I'd do. I was the breathless kid who could barely complete laps and avoided every sport possible. Not to mention the jocks totally intimidated me and I will forever hate th special treatment anyone involved in sports gets over other. End of rant. So yeah, I hated gym. However, it DID feel really good to put some of those same jocks into place as a teacher. It was my own little way of saying "not such hot stuff now, are ya Ace? Fine Arts rules!" Or...something like that.

Am I right, fellow teachers? Sometimes being a teacher is so satisfying when you get to give justice where justice is needed. Not all the time...just sometimes :)

~ B ~


  1. I feel like it would be so fun to sub in a gym class for a day now because I was the same way as you, I hated gym in school. I think I would have fun being in charge though ;)

  2. I'm so intrigued how being a substitute teacher works in America. You get to teach so many different classes!


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