Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back in the Habit / 1st Trimester Essentials

NO, I'm not secretly a nun. Although that would be a brilliant plot twist, wouldn't it?

What I mean is, it feels really good to be back in the habit of blogging again! I've missed the community and the cathartic act of putting pen to to keyboard. The last three months have been busy, as previously mentioned, but also quite exhausting. I am new to this whole growing-a-human thing but I have lots of darling friends who are seasoned veterans and have helped me along the way. Despite all of their Gandalf-like wisdom, everyone is different and we all have unique experiences in the baby-growing process.

My poor classmates and professors were afraid I'd keel over in my classes because I looked like DEATH. I felt like death too. I only threw up once, but I was nauseated 24/7 without rest, which made homework so much fun. By the grace of God, I made it through. Getting sick is probably my top fear of most fears (I know, it's lame) so I kind of feel like if I could do 3 months of my worst fear, labor will be a cake-walk. (Cue hysterical laughter from every other mother in the world because I'm talkin' crazy).

However, all was not lost. Thanks to blessed, blessed Pinterest, I was able to search countless boards about what helped most women through the first trimester. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. Trial and error is life's way of showing us what's up most times. I made to document all of the things that worked for me so that I would be prepared the next time around, because honey, pregnancy ain't for wimps.

So here are the things that saved my life throughout the 1st grueling trimester!

1st trimester essentials

1. Loose-fitting button ups. My favorite ones were from Target's One Star brand that I bought on clearance. They were perfect for my irritated and (glamour alert) bloated self.

2. Leggings. I have had a pair of Danskin leggings for like a hundred years (seriously, since high school) and God bless them. My jeans made me sick and those were some of the only things that were comfortable. I'm sure everyone thought I was homeless because it's all I wore.

3. El Paso Minnetonka Moccasions. Call me a hippie, but I wear those bad boys everywhere. They were so comfortable and since my job on campus required a lot of walking, they were perfect.

4. Peppermints, peppermints, peppermints! I had no idea that these kept nausea at bay and they totally work! I have a huge bag that I keep in my suitcase purse just in case.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I couldn't stomach very much and one of the only things I could eat, oddly enough, was cinnamon toast crunch with 2% milk. I still eat it now.

6.Water. One of the most important things to do in any stage of pregnancy is to stay hydrated, especially if you're getting sick a lot. I finally had to quit using my plastic water bottle because I could taste EVERYTHING, including the plasticy taste. This water bottle from Ello Products was/is a Godsend. Glass all the way!

7. Perrier Lime. Ginger did NOT work for me. The sugar in it made me even sicker, which was really disheartening. But seltzer water was good, and Perrier (once I finally tried it) was heaven. The Lime kind has been my favorite since I was kid and so it remains.

8. Listerine. I had a horrible taste in my mouth at all times, especially after eating. Like, it was terrible. So every so often I did and still do have a quick swish and then I'm good. Gum works too, but this was my go to when at home.

9. Saltine Crackers. You've heard it before and you'll hear it again from me, these are a sick person's best friend. At times it was all I ate...well that and soup when I could bear it. Yeah it sucked but when random hunger that is synonymous with nausea hits in the middle of the night (and it does) these puppies will give you relief. I had a pack on my nightstand and in my purse.

10. My iPod. I read somewhere that if you get really sick when you drive (and I did) that listening to music helps by balancing out some something that made no sense to me. Even though I didn't understand, I tried it and it worked. It could have just been me thinking it worked, but when you can't get to your job because you're gagging on the highway, you'll do what you have to. No it wasn't that safe, but I wasn't throwing up so...tomato-tom-ah-to.

Well, this is my list..check it twice...heh heh. These things sure helped me and perhaps for some poor suffering pregnant person in the blogosphere, they will help you too.

Happy trails,

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