Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Cleaning for Passover

Well, it has been far too long!

I apologize for the lack of posting these days. School and life and all that jazz got the better of me. Paper deadlines and endless reading can wear on a lass. But, nonetheless here is a post!

So for many of you, you are embarking upon the season of lent. That is a beautiful time of reflection and purging in order to see what God can make better in your lives. For those of you doing this, more power to you and I respect you! As for me and my family, we are soon entering the season of Passover that is coming up in a couple weeks. As some of you know, from previous posts like this one, Passover is one of my very favorite holidays....I think it's my MOST favorite holiday. It's not only about my favorite story in the bible (Moses and the Exodus) but it is the new year for the Jewish people and represents spiritual deliverance and freedom. It just don't get better than that, folks!

So, in preparation for this season, we gotta get ready. What does that entail? Glad you asked.
During this time we:

1. Remove "leaven" or anything with yeast from the house. In a spiritual context, leaven represents sin or all the ugly things we hold onto in life. By removing it from the physical house, it makes us reflect on what "leaven" we have in our own spiritual houses. Like lent in some ways, we take this time to purge ourselves of anything that hinders us from being close to God with a physical act of obedience.

2. Clean, clean clean! Part of this time of year is cleaning out leaven, but also just junk! This week was my spring break (hallelujah!) and I cleaned our entire apartment for most of it. It was hard, but man was it worth it. As I went through each room, I prayed that God would do the same in us...clean us up and make us new. I know He will honor that...because He's good :) It felt amazing to do it...and for you health nuts out there, cleaning with vinegar, water, a little soap and some essential oils (rosemary in my case) is the most amazing thing ever. Oh the smells....

3. Do your homework. Now, this one is a personal one for me. Every year leading up to Passover I read back through Exodus and the story of God's deliverance. It has always been my favorite story because I so admire the faith it took for Moses to stand in the face of adversity and trust God when it looked terrible. I need this faith in my every day life and I don't have issues like saving a million people from Egypt! So I use the time up until (and during) Passover to study, pray, and practice my faith.

The cool thing about these holy days for me is that they are a total joy! I have never felt like I HAD to do them...the minute I feel like that it wouldn't be right. God's appointed times are not obligations but a total least that's how I feel. Every bit of it has meaning and makes me feel valued and loved by my heavenly papa. I love it.

Hope you all are doing very well and I'd love to hear from you! Have a great week!


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  1. Welcome back! Love this post! What great ways to remember God's goodness and faithfulness. I love that there is so much depth and meaning through the whole season.


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