Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some cool news

Hey everybody,

Well, as some of you may know, my hubs and I are worship leaders at our local congregation. We really love getting to serve the Lord through playing music and writing songs together. This is a life long dream come true for me because I have been a worship leader since I was about 15, and always wanted me and my husband to do that together. Now, we are!

We are always trying to find new music to play for our services and sometimes it's hard to find! Because of a lot of copyright laws and rights and publishers and bla bla bla, some people don't make their chord sheets and audio available. We felt like it was time to put our stuff out there so others can use it and maybe be blessed by it, without all the complicating hooplah. We're super excited and praying that God uses this.

So what are you saying, Brooke?       I'll tell you.

WE HAVE A WORSHIP BLOG! (haha, forgive me for shouting.)

Our site is 

Feel free to go and take a look/listen. Just thought I'd share! Here are some pics we took for the website!

Toby playin' the git-fiddle. That's southern for guitar. haha.

Me tickling the ivories.
Us :)
  Catch ya on the flip side.



  1. wow, that is such a cool dream to have and even better to live!

  2. aww you two are the cutest! i love it <3

  3. aw, you both are just perfect! and off to check off your new blog! i'm sure it's great!!
    xo TJ

  4. Thats so great about your worship blog!

    I may be wrong but I thought you could sing any worship song that is out there as long as your not reproducing it for sale. My husband is a worship leader and he sings all kinds of songs that are on the radio, but he just writes his own that are on his CDs :-)


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