Friday, May 18, 2012

Survey Saturday

It's that time again folks! Toby is officially DONE-ZO with this school year so it is now officially summer break in this nest. We are thrilled and will definitely be celebrating with Netflix and champagne. I love that Toby is a teacher so he can be here during the summer and hang out with me! Ah, sweet summer days...

I know we usually think of sunny days at the beach or pool when we think of summer break, but right now I'm thinking of lazy, beautiful, rainy days. Today's survey is geared toward those cozy moments when life slows down and gives you a break.

1. When it rains I feel a combination of excited and relaxed. I get excited when storms come because I love to watch them but when it's raining outside it's so soothing too.

2. One of my rainy day movies is Gosford Park. There is something about England that just SCREAMS rainy days!

3. The best part about rain is definitely a multi-fold issue for me. I love sitting outside watching it, but I also love getting caught in it...which happens often on purpose :) Also, looking for the rainbow is something that me and Toby do a lot and I hope we never stop.

4. A good rainy day song is Pastures New by Nickel Creek. But really ANY song by Nickel Creek is good for a rainy day. Their music is mostly so soothing and easy to listen to. If you've never heard of them, do please look them up, for your own benefit.

5. The rain is prettiest through the trees. Nothing beats hearing the two patterns of rain: first the initial fall and then the echo of it through leaves, branches and other plants. It's breathtaking. 

6. Best rainy day scene in a movie: The scene from the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice when Lizzy and Darcy fight because of...their pride and prejudice haha. SUCH great wordplay.

7. One of my best rain memories was in Texas as a freshman in college. I had taken a walk at one of my favorite trails and it started raining. This place is heavily wooded and a kind of took shelter under the trees but could still feel the raindrops falling. I found a clearing and suddenly just rain out into it and literally began to dance and laugh. I couldn't help but thank God for it. It sounds silly but it's one of the best things ever. I need to do that again.

See you all next time!



  1. Lovely post, I agree- rain always makes me feel happy and excited!

    1. Thank you Kate! It's always nice to meet another rain-lover :)

  2. this is lovely! i'm in denver & i've just been loving the rain the last couple of days...though it was finally sunny again today. it reminds me of my old seattle abode! xo.

    1. Oh wow Denver is totally beautiful! It's been years. And Seattle is on my list of places to visit because I LOVE me some rain...well...obviously, haha.


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