Saturday, February 11, 2012

survey saturday

        Hola everybody! I hope you all have had a productive week! I know I'm super ready for the all-too-short weekend. This week has been crazy as far as school and super crazy concerning work. My daycare center received a bunch of new kids because the daycare across the street closed down, so it's been a total tornado for us. It's a blessing, because I'm getting more hours which is an answer to prayer, but it's crazy because we went from having 3 babies (in the baby room) to 12! THAT is just nuts. NUTS. So needless to say I've been tired and headachey and Toby too. We both fell asleep doing our homework the other night. We woke up at like 2AM going, "what the heck happened?" haha.

        Anyhow, before we do the survey, here area few highlights we managed to enjoy this week:
Toby made me dinner one night: Baked Tilapia with Teriyaki sauce,
veggie fried rice and green beans. What a man I have :)

Had some lovely overcast weather. Perfect for reading spooky stories
like Dracula for my Lit courses.

Rekindled my love for LOTR the Fellowship of the Ring over coffee in my
little Hobbit mug :)

Tonight, Toby made egg custard pie. Muy delicioso!
And boy was he excited! :)

Survey, yes? Yes.

1. The CD that is playing in my car right now is an OLD mix of songs from my favorite kids movies such as Hocus Pocus, Anastasia, A Goofy Movie, Muppett Treasure Island and more! (Gimme a shout out, those of you who love these movies!!!)      

2. The worst villain I have encountered in literature so far is Hannibal Lector (yes, it was a book first). He is the worst because he has no remorse for the things he does, and yet he does possess some sort of moral code...which a sociopath could disown at any time. Yikes. Would NOT want to be on the receiving end of that exchange. 

3. The next holiday I'm excited for is PASSOVER! It is literally my favorite holiday of them all! It is a beautiful reminder of how G-D delivered our people from slavery in Egypt, and also how by the sacrifice of Yeshua His son, delivered all of us from death. WOO! (P.s. if you don't know what passover is, that post will be a' comin'.) 

4. Right now Toby and I are watching Storage Wars and laughing at the quirks of the people in the store. We love Barry most. 
5. One moment I wish I could relive is when Toby and I first saw each other after a 5 month absence which included, becoming good friends, fighting the feelings,l realizing we liked each other and realizing we loved each other. That meeting contained our first kiss which was in the airport...hehe, so sweet.
6. My favorite piece of literature right now is "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It's one of the eeriest and most beautifully written pieces of poetry I've ever read. If you like Romantic literature (meaning from the Romantic Era, not trashy romance novels, haha) then you should definitely give it a read.

7. One thing I like about being from Georgia is that the landscape is really beautiful to me. There are pine trees and lots of land everywhere. I am originally from Dallas, TX so we had a lot of buildings, highways and your occasional parks but nothing like this! Georgia's nice :)
Shabbat Shalom! Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)



  1. I love that you did so much reading this week, that mug next to LOTR made me feel all cosy lol, and the overcast day is a definite must for horror reading, I read the woman in black when it was raining and I loved it!

    Great survey once again, that story about you and Toby in the airport is freaking adorable x

    1. Hey girl, thanks! Oh gosh, I heard that story is totally freaky!

  2. mmm the food in the pics looks so yummy!!! nice survey, what's passover??? never heard of that before

    1. Hey girl! Passover is a biblical holiday celebrating when G-D delivered the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. We celebrate it for 8 days and during that time we cannot eat anything with leaven (or yeast) in it. Why you ask, haha? The leaven represents sun it wrong-doings in life. We clean out our lives of it to symbolize getting right with G-D. This is kind if the cliffnotes version, haha. If you still have questions please feel free to email me and I'll tell ya anything else!


  3. oh I adore your survey saturdays! What a masterchef Toby is!

  4. Oh, your description of why you love Georgia is like exactly the picture of it I've always had in my head! I've never been, I'm trying to convince my husband to move us there ;)

  5. I like your blog:)

    from poland


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