Monday, February 6, 2012

survey saturday and some gratefulness

     Hello all! Well, do please forgive the absence, however, I've been out of town at a women's retreat that was totally amazing. I received so much encouragement from the L-RD and got to have a great time with my dear, dear buddies that live far from me! I definitely plan to update a tad more regularly now, but school is an unmerciful master so I'll do my best.  But, it is now time for the survey! Let us begin...

1. One thing I would love to do is to write a book (preferably a young adult series) and actually publish it! That has been the dream for a loooong time, and G-D willing, one day I will!  

2. The best prank I ever played was in high school when me and some of my friends from choir (haha, that should be a clue of our nerdiness right there) called a girl from class and told her that if she could name all the flavors of the baskin robins ice cream she would in fact receive a free panda. Yes. A panda. she believed us. and we did buy her a little plastic panda. She was a little upset that it was fake.  

3. The scariest place I've been was the Woodman Circle house in Sherman, TX. I used to live in Dallas and many years ago the same friends mentioned above and I heard a scary story about it. So naturally we went to check it out. The story is too long to write here but it was CREE-PY. Everything was broken down and in the bathtub there was this nasty red liquid from leaves and stuff (and yes, I totally thought it was blood and freaked out). Also, no matter how many stairs we climbed, we NEVER could reach the third floor. We would go up to the second, go up another staircase and end up literally on the first floor again. WOWZA. weird. It has NOTHING to do with ghosts, but it was just old and creepy.

4. When I have kids I will make sure they know how much I love them and that G-D is always watching over them and will guide them even more than me.  

5. My favorite bible verse is Isaiah 43. Why? Because in that verse G-D promises that though trials may come, they will NEVER overtake us. Though it seems like there is no way, G-D makes streams in the desert. He loves us so much and always guides us through the desert!      

6. A song that makes me think of happy times is "There is a Mountain" by Donovan. I used to listen to this song in the summer and would go to art festivals and other things just playing this song over and over. It is a fun hippie, happy song. Being raised by my hippie mama had it's perks :)

7. If I could meet 1 literary character it would be Mina Harker from Dracula. I know it sounds weird, but I had to read this for my English class and she just seems like someone I would be interested to talk to.

And now for this week's gratefulness...

Far away friends that stay in my heart always!

Jessie, Me, Claudia and Ruti!
 I love these ladies and I am SO thankful for them. They are such strong women of G-D and they encourage me with every word, laugh and silly phrase, such as "beer me that (insert noun)" hehe.

What a weekend!



  1. That house sounds creepy. I would have bolted the other, running as fast as possible if I saw red in that tub! Yuughh. I have the heebie-jeebies! This list is great!

    Cute blog! It makes me smile :)

    Along Abbey Road
    Sprightly So

    1. Hahaha, Oh man we were freaking out...and in the middle of the day too! Thanks so much, you are sweet! Thanks for commenting...on my way to see your blog too :)


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