Saturday, January 28, 2012

Survey Saturday, dears.

     Boy, oh boy, am I happy to see this weekend. It has been a trying week fraught with many novels, foreign languages, work and very little play. However, all the craziness makes me so much more thankful for the weekend and especially for the Shabbat (Sabbath). G-D knows how we are designed (obviously, haha) and He knows that sometimes we just need to STOP, DROP, and ROLL around in His presence!

(Why yes, I did take a fire safety course today and learned a little song about 'stop, drop, and roll.')

     Now on to the survey...

 1. The most meaningful item I own is my bible. Seriously. There may come a day when we can't have His word physically, so until that day I want as much of it as I can get. It's the best road map you could ever have.
2. My favorite drink is Earl Grey tea.Last Autumn I switched from coffee to tea and I am now obsessed with it! It's so yummy and way easier on the ole belly for me.

3. The best kind of job would be one where I could write about the things I love and be able to share all the amazing things the L-RD has done for me! Oh, and travel...with my love, of course! 

4. I'm looking forward to our next trip to the beach. I don't know when it will be, but I am so so ready for the wind, waves, and wonderful RELAXATION! 

5. The best thing about this week was when Toby came to my rescue. Ok, no I was not dying or in danger, but I was very exhausted and stressed with everything going on and I was just emotionally shutting down. He got me up and put me to bed, took care of dishes and other things and just took care of me. I so needed it and it made me love him even more than I did before. What a man. G-D's faithful :)   

6. If I wrote a book about my life I would make it set in another place and another time. The events, for the most part, would remain the same but I couldn't just write about my life. It's too personal, but also, I see my life through strange, other worldy eyes sometimes...those sort of things aren't captured among cars and planes. My imagination is rather more like Middle Earth than Middle America :)  

7. One thing I will do this weekend (besides homework you mean) will be to babysit for a friend and to just CHILL OUT and do nothing while in pajamas. Yes. Yes I will. 

Well, that's all she wrote, but one more thing...

My husband started a blog! WOO HOO! So excited to share the blogosphere with him!
I'm so proud of him. Go get to know his heart! You'll love it for sure :)



  1. Thank you for sharing. I feel I just got to know you a little better. Have a wonderfuly relaxing, tea drinking, Pj clad weekend!

    1. I'm so glad! That's what I love about this blogging thing...all the lovely and unexpected friends we make!

  2. Brooke! Loving your blog and all you have to say about your faith! I'm a Christian (a Nazarene to be more specific), but I'm totally intrigued by all your customs/traditions and beliefs. Anyway, I was going to email you but couldn't find your email address! Would you be interested in guest blogging? Just curious! If so, you can email me at Have a great Saturday! Enjoy your PJ's and tea! It sounds lovely!

    1. Hey girl! Just emailed you!! I'm glad to intrigue you :) So so glad to meet you!

  3. A lovely survey, as always. I love visiting your blog on Saturdays :) I'm going to pop on over to your husbands blog now, see what the big deal is ;) xx

    1. Aw, thank you Charlotte! Always so nice to hear from you! Enjoy Toby's's great...but of course I'm partial to it :)


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