Monday, December 26, 2011

Our 4th date of Hanukkah: Movie date and mini road trip!

        For our 4th date, we took a mini road trip, about an hour away, down to Morrow, GA (because that is the closest AMC theater to us) to see Sherlock Holmes 2! For Toby's birthday last year he got 2 gift certificates for the AMC theatre, so we had a little bit left from our last movie date so we took that and some Hanukkah money from my mom and went out on the town! It was Christmas Day so obviously everything was closed and it looked like all of the town had been deserted.

        Before the movie however, we stopped by this place called "Old Towne Morrow" which was unfinished and currently the creepiest thing I've ever seen. It looked perfect and very bright, but totally abandoned and it was a cloudy day, so we basically felt like we were driving through a scary movie. So naturally, we had to get out and walk around.

Welcome to Creepyville.
Now TELL ME that doesn't look scary.
Good heavens. That's terrifying to me. haha.
I had naught to fear, for I had Dr. Watson with me...hehe.
In front of one of the creepy houses. Cute couple, eh? :)
Well, after we left creepyville we headed to the theatre to see Sherlock Holmes which was AMAZING. Seriously, if you even remotely liked the first one, you will head-over-heals LOVE this one. We had some funny moments in the theatre as well while waiting for the movie to start. 

Toby defeated a Sith Lord while waiting. (Sorry for the quality; silly iPod.)
The long-awaited Hunger Games is coming out on my birthday!! ee!!
My favorite picture of the day :)

What a fun date!



  1. I saw this film last week and loved it, thought it was a bit rubbish that they killed off that girl though (I forget her name - the one that was in the notebook)

    Jude Law is hooooooot! x

  2. Love these photos - are they from the iPhone?

  3. Chaucee, thanks so much! Yeah, I took these photos with my iPod touch. I filtered them through instagram. I love instagram so much, I rarely take photos on my REAL camera. <---lazy :)

  4. that town does look really creepy! looks like a great place to take pictures though..

  5. You two are very cute! Im glad you had a great time.


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