Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our 1st date of Hanukkah: Picnic at home

Well, for those of us who are...
A. newlyweds
                 B. watching our spending
                    C. all or some of the above
...dates can be kind of expensive! So, in my definition, a date does not necessarily mean going OUT. Sometimes you can bring the romance IN. Hence, our picnic at home. We got most of the items from our previous picnic and laid it out on our beautiful Hanukkah tablecloth that my mom got us! We added some donuts, since that is a specific Hanukkah treat, and we lit the menorahs all around the house. It was very beautiful and cozy. Then we sat on the blanket and watched...The Empire Strikes Back! haha!
It was a lovely evening and I can't wait to share our next dates!

The first candle of Hanukkah :)
Our cute mini menorahs that we put on the coffee table by our blanket.
The picnic!
Oh yeah...
Pretty tablecloth! Those Hebrew letters, "nun, gimmel, hey, and shin"
stand for the phrase "a great miracle happened there."
Happy birds in pyjamas :)

See you soon!


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