Friday, October 14, 2011

A ten and some fives

     Now, I know we all remember these kinds of things from ancient social medias past, but to me the trend is certainly NOT outdated. I remember a time when wearing cowboy boots or, heaven forbid, skinny jeans were not cool but look at us now! We wear them together!
 So, in light of this out-of-style-but-brought-back-in-style thread we've got going here, let's do a little survey :)

10 Years Ago...

     I was 15, a theatre addict, an a cappella choir fiend, and felt a lot older than I really was.

5 things on my to do list...
     1. Do the laundry, which is currently sitting in my dryer and wrinkling as we speak...
     2. Pick my outfit for tomorrow and gear up for a loooong but fabulous day. SUKKOT!
     3. Put ingredients for white chili in the crock pot at precisely 11:00 so it can cook all night          and be ready when I wake up :)
     4. Buy a flat iron that doesn't suck for my thick, amazon, jungle hair.
     5. Snuggle with the husband before we go to sleep...that's my favorite one :)

5 snacks I enjoy...
     1. UTZ CRAB CHIPS. Yes. They are kosher (no crab, just old bay seasoning) and they                are number one.

     2. Pretty much any left overs we have in the fridge...if I'm desperate.
     3. Tea.

     4. Oatmeal cream pies. So bad for me. but so gooooood for me.
     5. Anything sweet. Can't get enough sugar. not good haha.

5 favorite things...
1. My husband :)
2. My bible
3. my iPod touch and all it's accessories.
4. instagram
5. my new bangs

5 places I have lived...
1. Tulsa, OK
2. Garland, TX
3. Macon, GA
4. Macon, GA again...but our new home together!
5. That's all I got.

5 things most people don't know about me...
1. I once lit my hair on fire when I was five, thus leaving me with a set of "bangs" which             were really just singed curls that looked like a bail of hay.
2. I make up characters around the house with Toby that are probably clinically insane.
3. I'm a total homebody. I love our home. And the lovers in it :)
4. I don't like Cod fish.
5. I really like owls.

That's all for now!

- B

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