Sunday, May 6, 2012

Survey Saturday

Hello friends,

I come to you now as an almost free bird! One last honker of a final and I am summer dreamin'!
This week has been busy but exciting, as we near school's end for both of us. A dear friend is having her baby shower tomorrow, which is super exciting, and it is also a big event at the Manolis place:


Haha, ok it's not THAT fun, but it must be done nevertheless. 
Also, another exciting bit of news is that we are moving! Not far, just to a different complex about ten minutes away. It is very pretty and conveniently located near the new mall and downtown, so we are thrilled at this new adventure! G-D totally lined it up for us and we're so happy about it! Summer is bringing a lot of fun thoughts about, so that is today's survey topic.

Wanna fill one out too? I'd love to see your responses! 

1. April showers bring May... allergies.    
2. I look forward to going to the beach!! Florida is not too far away from us Georgians and I am more than ready to  make the drive to fun, sun and surf! And by surf I mean sit on the beach and occasionally get in the water.  
3. My best summer memory is the summer of dating/being engaged to Toby. It was the most time I had spent away from home at one stretch and it was where I got to fall even more in love with my amazing man. 
4. One of the songs that sums up summer for me is There is a Mountain by Donovan. I used to listen to it on the way to art shows in Dallas in May and from then on it became my favorite summer song. 

5.  My summer plans include a lot of travel! We're going to Ashville, TN, Grantham, PA, Dothan, AL, and possibly Delaware to visit family. It will be busy but oh so fun!  
6. Some summer movies I'm excited about are The Avengers (which my husband is watching now with his buddies) and Men In Black III (don't judge)! 

7. Summer truly begins with the first dip in the pool, because I'm a wimp and don't get into super cold water. 

Catch ya later!


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  1. Aww, your description of the summer your spent dating/getting engaged to your husband is just the sweetest. I can so relate :)
    Thanks SO much for your sweet comment on my blog. Yours is so lovely and you two are SUCH an adorable couple.


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