Sunday, April 15, 2012

Survey Saturday

Today's survey is all about SPRING, for it has sprung in all its glory.

1. Spring is great because all the flowers and trees and greenness burst forth into life. Spring is all about new life! What a perfect time of year!

2. My favorite flower is a daisy because it is a simple flower that doesn't need a bunch of fanciness to be beautiful :)

3. In the spring, I love to wear skirts and dresses! Spring is such a fun and pretty season, so its hard not to want to feel fun and pretty right along with it.

4. My favorite spring holiday is Passover, which has just passed! We had a great one this year and I miss it already.

5. A nice spring treat is a nice, cold slushy from sonic OR a Cherry Limeade. mmmm. Or an Ocean Water...well really, just go to sonic and get anything is what I'm saying, haha.

6. Green or pink? GREEN! I'm not a huge pink fan, although sometimes I like it, but green is just pretty and relaxing.

7. This spring, I will try to go outdoors more and enjoy nature while it isn't brutally hot!   
What do YOU like about spring?



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