Saturday, February 18, 2012

Survey Saturday, Y'all

Hello friends! Long time no blog...for which I am truly sorry.
You know the, school, adjusting to it all, bla bla. Nothing new.

I will hopefully be doing a few posts this weekends about happenings of the week
 and some neat-o stuff G-D's been showing me. I think it will be fun!

This week's survey is all about my home: GEORGIA! 
So, if you are not acquainted with Southern stuff, get ready, 'cause I'm gon' learn ya.
No. I don't really talk like that...but I know folks that do! Don't judge, hehe.

1. Something that surprised me about Georgia was how pretty it is! There are so many hills and trees and land. I never had a bunch of that in Texas, so I really love it now.  
2. I like the South because I like Southern hospitality. You smile at people when you pass them by at the store, you say 'hi, how are you?' to strangers as a salutation, not really as a question haha, and most women over 50 call you "honey" or "baby" or "sweetheart". It's endearing...sometimes annoying, but endearing. I'll take nice over mean any day.    
3. One thing I could do without is THE POLLEN. In the spring time when pollen is at it's deadliest  worst, everything that is left outdoors is tinted yellow with pollen. And when it rains, it looks like there are literally rivers of pee running down the street. And it is at that point that I sneeze myself into a coma and have splitting headaches. G-D bless Dayquil.

4. A neat fact about Georgia is that the new hit show "The Walking Dead" has been filmed here! Every episode has been on location all around Georgia...and some was filmed in Toby's hometown of Griffin! That's pretty cool to me. And it's not a bad show either :) 

5. The best time to visit would be during Autumn HANDS DOWN for several reasons. 1. Because Georgia rarely gets cold so the weather is still warm but with pockets of coolness. 2. because it is really pretty here with the leaves changing and all the land. Our wedding was in the fall so obviously we stand by this :) 
6. A fun thing to do around here is to catch an old movie or hear some music at the Cox Capitol Theatre. Toby and I went there to see Casablanca two years ago on Valentine's Day. It was totally amazing

7. Something funny about this place is the traditions. We had New Years Day dinner with some family this year and they explained the significance of collard greens and black eyed peas on new years. I forgot the black eyed peas one, but the collards represented greenbacks aka what money was called in the CONFEDERACY. haha. Wow. I guess some think the South really WILL rise again. (G-D forbid, lol)   
Hope you enjoyed it! 
Thank you all for your sweet and fun comments, they totally make my day:)
Happy weekend!



  1. Where has the week gone?! Thanks for learnin' me some bout Georgia! Hehe!

  2. Thanks for the info about Georigia. Its interesting learning about different places I probably
    will never visit as I live in Australia!

  3. Great survey!


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